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December 2017 Engagement

I feel like something else happened in December, but I can't quite put my finger on it...  Oh wait, I think I remember.
I was going to visit Ireland for the week before Christmas with my parents and Matt, and I had a flight out of New York City with them on a Sunday night. Since Eric and I really missed Park Slope, I suggested a weekend away to visit our favorite spots, before my flight Sunday night. We got an AirBnB just a few blocks from his old apartment, and we were excited to stroll through Prospect Park together, see our friends, and eat at our favorite places for the weekend. It started to snow Friday afternoon though and we almost delayed our drive up that evening, but after some discussion, we decided to take the chance, and luckily didn't have any trouble getting to the city that evening (it helped that we knew every turn by heart).

We woke up to a still-pristine snow-covered city at 7am, and had to take advantage. Eric asked me to go for a run in Prospect Park, like…

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