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Kauai, HI: Day 6

On our last full day in Hawaii all together, we spent the morning doing what we wanted to do.  Dad, Matt, and Ed headed to the hike from the first day to get to the waterfall (double the distance of the first day), Becky and Mom slept in a little and kept an eye on the boys, and Patti and I repeated the hike from the first day (stopping at the beach, not getting to the waterfall, so that we could meet Becky, Mom and the boys at Tunnels Beach).  The hike was amazing, again, and we timed it perfectly to see the rest of the crew at the beach!  We got up early and raced through the hike and were people number 3 and 4 to the beach. 

The beach was so beautiful, I'm so glad we went.  Then we split up again and my car went to the lighthouse, which is also near a bird sanctuary that was crazy gorgeous.  Hawaii is the best!

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