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Kauai, HI: Actual Day 1

We got up at 6am (apparently the rest of the family had been awake for hours, but I kept my word about sleeping in!) and drove to the beginning of the Kalalau Trail, right at Ke'e Beach.  There's really only one main road around the island, and it can't go the entire way around because of the mountains along one side, so essentially we took the road to the end and started our hike. 

I'm so impressed with how well my nephews did during this hike.  Cole hiked almost the entire thing, which was about 4 miles roundtrip (for our hike we only went to the beach and back, not the waterfall which would have been about 8 miles).  And Wes did really well, and then slept on Patti's back for the rest of it which means she was hiking with an extra 30+ pounds on her.  She also seemed to be coming down with a cold (that all the rest of us got) so we voted Cole and Patti the MVP's of the day for crushing that hike.
The photo above is the view from the middle of the hike, right …

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Kauai, HI