Engagement Photo Sesh

I had a wonderful girlie day yesterday!  We watched a super weird movie that we didn't think was super weird when we started...  Instant Netflix is kind of sketch that way sometimes.  Anywho, it was a wonderful time.  Those brownies are crucial, everyone should make the brownies from yesterday's post.  And then I took a trapeze class this morning.  Yes, trapeze!

But I'll post about that tomorrow, because I told you guys last week that I would post pictures "soon" of the engagement shoot I did with my friends Lauren and Brian.  I thought soon would mean like, the next day, so let's get this show on the road!  Well, we narrowed it down from around 700 pictures... I took a lot of pictures... and there are a few really great ones!  We had the teeniest bit of snow on the ground, and I truly think it made all the difference in the world :-)  Here are my two favorites!
I saw a shoot online that I fell in love with.  It had snow, and these brilliant pops of color, and so of course I wanted to make sure our shoot had lots of bright colors to contrast the white snow.  The shoot took place at Pataspco Valley State Park, which had a ton of awesome places to explore.  Can't wait to see the ones that Lauren and Brian choose to use, and see how they use them :-)
My friends Kat and Zak used a very similar shot to this last one for their Save the Date's a couple years ago.  So I'm not so creative on my own, but I still love how all the shots turned out :-)

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