My first blog post, duh

Welcome to my first post, of my first blog, of my first website... you get the idea.  I wish I had some life-changing wisdom, amazing recipes, and fantastic decor ideas, but for now I will just revel in the fact that I have a blog!  Tres exciting!  Just a little background on me- I have been swimming all my life, and I love to eat and cook.  Maybe I eat so much because I swim so much?  Either way, there is a lot of swimming and eating in my life.  I am an architect who has a passion for photography on the side, and I wish I lived in a J.Crew magazine.  You can always tell when I was watching TV last because the channel is set to Food Network, or Cooking Channel (or Bravo for Top Chef).  And my favorite color is aqua :-)

I am mostly excited today for one reason (other than starting this blog)- I had my first official photo shoot yesterday as a hired photographer.  Yay yay!  A friend at work knows that I love photography, and she took a chance on me and decided I could take her engagement photos.  Ah!  I have been looking forward to this weekend since she asked me!  There was only one catch- ideally she wanted snow in her pictures.  No problem, right?  She asked me in November, and would you believe it, there was no snow to be found.  Oh sure, other places in the country were getting snow, but not us.  We tentatively set the photo shoot date for today, January 22, with the idea that if snow fell, we would be outside in a heartbeat.  Well miracle of miracles, there was a forecast of snow this weekend!  We ended up taking advantage of the fresh snow yesterday and took the pictures a day earlier than planned, and they turned out amazingly, even with only an inch or two of snow!  Lauren and Brian were pros and always down to try whatever I directed them to do (with a few ideas of their own as well).  I can't wait to show them their pictures, and I will post some of the best soon.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, and welcome to my blog!

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