Omg, get jealous

I took a trapeze class.  You knew this, I told you this on Sunday.  It. Was. Awesome.  Everyone should do it.  Jon and Jess invited me, and I brought Whitney.  She was fantastic, I was ashamed that I had to follow her act.  And it's terrifying at first, but luckily Jess warned us.  She explained that we couldn't go on our own time, and they say ready go and you go, no questions, no "WAIT I'M NOT READY!".  They won't like it if you don't go when they say go.  Good thing she told us that, I would have gotten some lectures if not.  It was also crazy, cause they're yelling things as you're swinging and want you to do that.  But other than that, it was super easy!  You pick things up quickly, and they're really good teachers, and it was so fun!  I kept trying to go into streamline position at one point, and they kept reminding me to keep my hands apart, but otherwise I think I picked things up well!

Whitney took these, and Jon took video!

Chicka Chicka Yeah!  Jon and Jess were working on other cooler tricks, since it was their second class.  They were like pros.  And like I said, Whitney was fantastic, a natural.  We met a girl there named Joelle, and she was on her 5th class, and already doing splits and being caught in the air, gah!  It was awesome awesome.  I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether you think you'll be good at it, cause they will help you become a trapeze pro.  Just remember to go when they say go :-)  And I went to Trapeze School New York in DC, if you are interested.

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