What's an asymmetrical manicure?

That's the question I was asking my friend Liz when she came over last week and offered to give me one.  I thought maybe it was like a french manicure, but with diagonal lines down your nail or something.  I wasn't even close.  This is the term she uses for picking a ton of different colors and painting your nails those colors in no particular order.  She picked two glitters, and two solid colors, and I was immediately addicted.  I wish I took pictures of that manicure, but she came over again this past weekend and worked her magic again. 

That gold and purple is from J.Crew, the navy is OPI, and the silvery glitter is from years ago and is probably Sally Hansen.  The other hand uses the same colors, but not in the same order.  The OCD architect in me could never be this asymmetrical on her own, but with the help of my friends I am totally in love with the randomness!  And since being in a pool will immediately chip this, I had to document it asap.  Try it, embrace the randomness, and use all your favorite colors instead of only having to pick one.

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