Happy Valentine's Day, People!

There are lots of people in town this week!  My sister Becky is in town from Korea for a hot second, so my sister Patti and nephew Cole came to visit since Becky would be around, and Jess is in town from Germany visiting her husband, my cousin Joe, who is in the states for a bit for Army stuff.  And Becky's boyfriend Ross flew in from Indiana to see her for her quick trip as well.  Jeez!  It's like a holiday over here!  And regardless of whether you think Valentine's Day is a real holiday (it's not), it's fun to use any excuse to celebrate with a theme, haha.

So, to entertain everyone, my parents decided to put their Christmas gift to good use- a pizza stone, courtesy my brother's girfriend Beth!  We made pizza for everyone, had a big salad, and I made the pizza sauce Beth taught us how to make, too.  But mostly, I was excited to attempt this awesome cake I saw in a blog last year.  It was a white cake that you cut into and find a heart in the middle.  The blog made it seem really do-able, despite still seeming ridiculous, haha.  But I attempted it.  I think it ended up looking like lips instead (I didn't see the memo to not ice the layers between the heart, lame sauce).  Anyways, see what I made!

Like I said, more lips than heart, but it still fits the theme of Valentine's Day I think :-)

So you start with lots of white cake batter.  I had three boxes of white cake.  Two boxes go towards making 4 8" or 9" cake rounds (I only had 9", but I would recommend 8" if you have them).

Get those cakes baking, then mix up the last box and add red food coloring to it.  I made it a pink color.  The original blogger used red velvet cake for more of a contrast, but I don't like red velvet cake, so white cake dyed pink works for me!  I made the pink cake just in a 9x13 pan.
While the pink cake was baking, I leveled off the round cakes, and made two stacks of two, with icing between.
Then the hard part came.  You might want to see the original post to see how to do this better (link below), but you carve the heart shape into the two stacks- one stack becomes the bottom of the heart, so you carve out a cone, and the other stack becomes the top of the heart, and it's kind of like carving out a doughnut shape, haha.
I should have carved more out of the top of the heart part (doughnut shape), so don't be like me, carve more out for your heart.
This is my set-up for making the pink insides of the cake- torn up pink sheet cake added to a bowl where it was combined with icing that I also dyed pink.
I didn't get pictures of me filling the white cake with the pink, but just pack it in there :-)  Then pray a little bit, and flip the top part onto the bottom part (be sure to know which is which...).  Spread the whole cake with icing!
Then when you cut into it, there is a surprise!  It might look like a heart if you're lucky, or lips if you're somewhat lucky, but it's so cool either way!
So each slice of cake will be a half of a heart when you serve it.  Adorable!
Please check out the original post HERE because she can explain things much better and she had made 3 heart cakes already, so she had perfected her technique a little bit by then, haha.  I am inspired.  Maybe next year I'll do it better!!  Enjoy kids, and Happy Valentines Day!

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