Pink and sparkley, just the way I like it!

Thank goodness for my friend Tracy.  For multiple reasons.  First, we think the exact same way, so we pretty much talk over each other every time we talk to each other- but it's ok, we're usually saying the exact same thing while talking over each other.  We're more efficient at talking that way.  Second, we have managed to keep in touch despite not living in the same city for the past, oh, 3 years.  PS- Chicago kicks my ass every time I go there, but that's irrelevant.  There are many other reasons, but for the sake of getting to my point- third, she helps me embrace my girlieness.  We are kind of on a mission to make sequins work appropriate.  Sequandalous!
Pink sequins, navy everything else, neutral shoes.  Not sorry bout it.
I wore this to work last week.  That means I managed to wear sequins to work, in an appropriate way (or so I think).  Mission accomplished!  Then today she sent me a picture of the manicure she got.  It was pink, with pink glitter.  I. Was. Dying.  It looks fantastic.  Sooo, I might have gone to Ulta right after work and bought some pink and pink glitter nail polish.  I can't really say either way.  But, then this might have happened in the last hour while watching New Girl.
My nails are SO freakin girlie.  It's awesome.  Thank you Tracy for being cooler than I am and picking out the coolest colors ever for your manicure.  And since we don't live in the same city, no one will ever know that I'm a total copy cat.  Except now.  Shoot.

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