Super Bowl Sunday

Blogger fail.  I made a ton of things yesterday for Super Bowl Sunday at my house.  Yay, right?!  But then I didn't photograph anything.  Not one thing.  I could photograph the leftovers now, but where's the fun in that?  And it would be a lie kind of if I tried to set things up like it was yesterday.  Anyways, I made a white pizza, and had pizza sauce to dip it in.  And I had a cheese platter (brie, cheddar, ritz).  And I made patatas bravas with a spicy tomato sauce.  And I made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that ended up really awful.  Those are my favorite kind of cookie, and they were just bad.  I will not be doing that recipe again :-)  And I made the Mississippi Mud Brownies again (huge hit again).  I think those might be my new token recipe I bring to everything.  I don't think anyone will mind if that happens!

My friends Jess and Liz came over to watch the Super Bowl with me.  Jess brought homemade hummus and guac, and some pita chips to go with.  And Liz brought lots of things in bags that we didn't even get to because I made too much food (I'm my mother's daughter).  We talked over the game, and automatically got quiet during the commercials.  I was disappointed in both though, there weren't any real stand-out commercials, and I wasn't invested in the game at all.  Ah well, at least we got some girl hang-out time.  Oh, and Madonna was better than I thought she would be.  Sadly, I missed MIA give the finger.  I just thought my tv messed up when they did the weird blur thing.  Clearly I didn't pay attention much during this super bowl. 

Don't most people watch the game for the commercials?  Tell me you do, then I won't feel so bad.  Hope you guys all had a wonderful Sunday with friends, family, food, or a relaxing non-super bowl-ness something.

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