Korea Trip- Day 2

Since Monday was President's Day, we had to wait until Tuesday to get our ID cards for getting on and off the base.  There were too many of us for Becky to sign in each time, but luckily she has very nice friends who were willing to help out.  But the ID cards made things a whole lot easier.  Then we all worked out at the awesome gym/ swam in the 25 yard pool of our hotel, the Dragon Hill Lodge.  Then we had food.  Glorious food.
Grilled veggie focaccia, salad, and potato cream soup.
Becky took us to a place in Itaewon again, called Noxa, and it had like omelet dishes, sandwiches, even pasta dishes- perfect for lunch to fuel us up for another packed day!  Beth ordered the gnocchi, which they described as "ricotta filled".  We assumed this was a mistranslation and they were just ricotta gnocchi instead of potato gnocchi.  Nope, each one was filled with amazing melty ricotta.  It was like the most decadent mac&cheese you've ever had (she let us have a bite, and I was immediately envious of her order- I mean, just look at it!)
Gnocchi filled with ricotta
Ok, now we were allowed on base, worked out, and fueled, so on to see the country!  We headed to the Korean War Memorial and Museum.

Korean War Memorial.  It's not messing around.

North vs South

 After I took only these 4 pictures, Becky asked "Umm, why is the ROK Army marching?"  And we turned around to see
these guys marching towards us.  At first I got a tad nervous- Why WAS the ROK Army marching?!  But then we saw

 Stuffed animal heads?  Follow that Army!!
Oh hey cool shot of the Memorial.  Sorry though, I gotta follow that Army.
Oh, no big deal, they were the Honor Guard, practicing for a show coming up.  We got to see them fight with spears and shields, twirl and throw around their (prop) guns, and just overall put on a good show- ending with a long line of them doing everything in a canon so that there was a wave of people standing, kneeling, throwing guns into the air, etc.  It was so cool!  Also, it meant that the school kids on field trips to see the Museum were sitting by us and we could see them playing and they all said Hello as they walked by us sitting there.  This was also my first experience of guys taking pictures of me and Becky, then getting their friend to take pictures of them with us.  They did not ask.  To be fair, I was taking pictures of the school kids, so I'm no better.

Demonstrating shields and spears
Getting his picture taken with the Honor Guard (he pretended his phone was a gun and held it over his shoulder)
Gah little kids are so cute with their matching backpacks!
Kids watching the demonstration
More cool formations
Throwing their guns in a canon
Then the ladies had their own show
They were so feminine, even when twirling guns
Flags, obvi
Then I got distracted by sliding kids

 Then we actually went into the museum and saw some pretty cool things.
Huge, colorful drum- Dad moved that sign before and we made him put it back so Becky is laughing

 Taking advantage of the Photo Zone!

Fortress built in the middle of the room?  Yessss!
 Then, after the museum, we headed to Insadong for more traditional shopping.  Everyone we asked said we should go here, so we did!  We did some scarf shopping, saw some candy making (these spun sugar and rice flour things that you fill with different ingredients), and wandered through amazing shops with so many things I wanted to buy.

Filling the candies
Hottdeok!!  It was so amazing- like a cinnamon roll but with all the filling on the inside.
Sisters in Insadong :-)
 Then we headed over to Myeongdong again for dinner.  Once again, Myeongdong was packed, and now that it was night, there were vendors all down the middle of the streets selling scarves, jewelry, food, shoes...
I really wanted this picture- Becky has a similar one of her on facebook and I am a total copycat and wanted it.  Becky took it and is awesome as usual- she is really good at using my camera!  Then we headed to Todai, a buffet place with a ton of different types of food, so it was good to be able to try a ton of things and find out what we liked.  I didn't take a picture of my piled-up dinner plate (too embarrassed to show you that) but I am never embarrassed to show you pictures of my dessert plates (I should be).
Cream puff, cheesecake, brownie with walnuts and powdered sugar, tiramisu, and fried acorn squash in the background
White chocolate mousse, tiramisu (my favorite from the plate before), and another cream puff, haha
Matt's dinner/dessert plate- mousse, brownie, cheesecake, mocha cake, sushi something, mushroom sashimi, egg sashimi, and fried tofu
Becky's dessert sampler- cream puffs, mocha cake, brownie, green tea cake, chocolate cookie, pineapple, and blueberry frozen yogurt
Matt's dessert plate- different cakes on top of vanilla frozen yogurt, genius
Blueberry and vanilla frozen yogurt
 So now we were stuffed, after another great day of touring around, so back to the hotel we went.  We crashed pretty hard again.  Day 2 was awesome!  Can't wait to show you day 3!

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