Korea Trip- Day 3

Day 3.  Itinerary planned by Becky (obvi).  It was a beautiful day, kinda warm out.  I tend to have that affect on places, if you've been having a bad winter, call me over, I'll warm it right up.  Anywho, today's agenda involved the National Museum of Korea.  It was massive, super monumental, super awesome.

 But the grounds were even cooler, so we hung around outside (in the nice weather) and explored!

Exploring the outdoors on a very nice day in Korea :-)

Awesome guard offered to take our picture.  I knew I blinked, but didn't want to ask him to take another.

Checkin out some pagodas

Photo zone!  With nothing in the background?  Maybe it's a pretty garden in the spring?
Dragon Falls?  Yes!

Aw man, Dragon Falls is frozen.  It's cool anyways.
Outdoor workout area.  We saw a couple of these around Korea, I won't bore you with all the pictures we took here, but I'll post em to facebook
A massive bench looking thing
Panda bunnies!!
Matt in a mushroom
Matt and Becky in a mushroom
Beth, Matt and Becky in a mushroom
Beth, Matt, Becky, and Me in a mushroom
Those bunnies were not afraid of us
Loungin on a care bear
Where to next, tour guide?!
Bunnies everywhere!
 Oh right, back to the museum.

 This museum is massive, we didn't even go into any of the side on the left there.
Main atrium
4 floors of galleries on either side
Calligraphy exhibit
I pretty much followed Becky around the gallery
Yep, a typical McLaughlin picture
Also a typical McLaughlin picture
You can see the base in the background (barely)
Then we headed to Butterfinger Pancakes.  Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds.  It was like any other Diner, but with flavored syrups, butters, lots of add-ons to the pancakes (bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, etc), and a gazillion 20 year old Korean girls because "American food is trendy" according to Beck.  I wish I had taken a picture of Beth's triple chocolate pancakes- chocolate batter, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup, with a side of ice cream.  If that isn't love on a plate...
Butterfinger Pancakes!!
French toast with honey butter and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, bacon, and seasoned potatoes
Orange christmas lights hanging over our table
Etched on our table and orange lights reflecting
Then after our huge lunch/dinner (it was like 4pm and we hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, what meal was this called??) we headed to an AMAZING Buddhist temple in Gangnam-gu called Bongeunsa.  It's in the middle of the city but it's quiet and meditative and gorgeous and, well, just look!
Main entrance
Stairs up to more temples
Water running along the stairs
In the middle of the city, like I told you

Such beautiful paintings

Matt in there to give you some scale
Temple, meet city.  City, meet temple.
On our walk back to the subway, we stumbled upon this- the colors changed a lot, I loved it!
 Then we got to Myeongdong and had apple soju (served in an apple), kiwi soju, some tea...
 And pineapple soju, served in a pineapple!  Gah!  This is brilliant!

And Matt ordered makkoli.  It tasted terrible.  Becky said we should have tried it with spicy food, not on it's own, cause then it would have tasted a lot better.  I'm skeptical.  And don't worry, per Korean tradition, the youngest one at the table kept our drinks filled.

This was the end of day 3, we headed back to the hotel, ready to get up early for our DMZ tour in the morning.  Yay Day 3!

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