Korea Trip- Day 5

Hiking you say?  Hiking a mountain?  You did this in South Korea?
Yes, to all of the above.  The coolest part of it?  We took the subway there.  We were ready to go around 8am or something, and headed to the subway from the base.  It was rush hour, everyone was dressed nicely, and ready to pack those trains.  As we got further out of the city, and everyone was leaving the train, it was cool seeing everyone else wearing hiking gear and clearly headed where we were.

So we got dropped off, and walked through this town that was pretty much only food, and hiking gear.  If you needed shoes, jackets, pants, poles- anything along those lines, they were stocked.  Or if you wanted seafood, you would also be set.
Squids and eels
But anyways, we got to the base of the mountain and joined MANY other people there to hike.  On a random Friday.  It was awesome!
You nice and oriented?  No?  Neither were we.  Once again, thank you Becky for already having done this and we could just follow you!  Woot!  She told us we were headed to the top.  Yeah, we saw the top, it was like, shear rock, sure we're headed to that.  Umm, yes, that was exactly where we were headed.  Here are some highlights of the hike :-)
Frozen stream at the beginning of the hike
Matt and Beth leading the way
Kitty!  We saw several cats along the trail
Mom and Becky leading, summit in the background
Evil squirrel giving us a tip
Sometimes we were given some help
Buddhist temple about halfway up the mountain
Takin a quick break, view down the mountain
So much closer, and yet so far!
It was a lot of stairs
We got to this level and thought we were at the top, well, as far as we were allowed up, but Becky laughed and said, guys, I told you we were going to the top, let's go!
Stairs on the way up to the tippy top
Stairs went almost to the summit, then there was just railing and you had to literally pull yourself up the railing it got so steep.  That part got scary
View from the summit!
Summit- my little backpack sitting there with the railing that you pulled yourself up
Dad and Becky at the top- I was hiding in the lee of the rock to try to stay out of the wind, I got super freezing up there
 We finished up our hike, tried to find something to eat in the town below.  But alas, only seafood was to be found.  That would not do for a vegetarian!  So we ate the rest of our cliff bars, and headed back into Seoul.  I napped before dinner, then we had a final dinner with Becky and 4 of her friends.  I never really woke up from my nap, and didn't make it out with them after dinner.  But it was cool meeting everyone!

So the next morning, we packed up our stuff, grabbed some breakfast and headed to the airport.  Becky went on the bus with us, and made sure we were headed in the right direction for everything.  Our trip back was uneventful.  The biggest thing was that the movies were the same on the way back, which was disappointing, since I had already watched everything I wanted to on the way over.  Other than that, we got to Japan, Chicago, and DC just fine :-)  And our whirlwind week in Korea with Becky as our tour guide came to an end.

What an adventure.  Beth commented in Chicago that she wants more stamps in her passport, and I feel the exact same way.  Where to next?


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