Luck o' the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Are you wearing your green?  I sure am!  That gets ingrained in you early when your last name starts with Mc.
I painted them last night.  I had planned on painting them blue and using glitter (as stated in last week's post).  But then I realized "tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!", so clearly I had to paint them green.  I thought the green I had was darker, but it ended up being super sheer with a slight hint of green.  So then glitter happened.  Don't worry guys, I had things under control. 

Me and Liz went out last night and she couldn't stop staring at my nails.  I love them, I'm kind of addicted to glitter.  Me and Ke$ha, wonderful.

And today is another beautiful day, so I just HAD to take advantage of it.  I went for a 6 mile run.  It didn't feel awesome (I've been going 4 usually) but I managed just fine!  Tomorrow will have to be my long bike, as long as the weather keeps cooperating :-)
The paths to the lake were so pretty today!  Yellow flowers along the way, good balance of shade and sun, and it's too early for bugs to be out in full force.  I'm very pro weird-warm-week in March!

Views from my run- a backyard along the path with a Saucer Magnolia, the cul-de-sac Bradford Pears, and the Forsythia in the backyard.  So many colors.  Happy not actually Spring!

Now go have a pint and pretend you're Irish!

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