New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh

Cole at the playground
I went to NYC this weekend to visit my sister! I stayed with her, my brother in law, and nephew, and since I go to NYC somewhat regularly, we mostly hung out (nothing ├╝ber touristy). They've just moved to a new (super awesome) apartment and wanted me to see it and somewhat help decorate, lol.  Mostly I helped hang pictures, and was a design consultant for where things should go and in what frames.  I was really good at it.

When I got in on Friday night, my brother and his girlfriend and a bunch of their friends were over hanging out, so I got to catch up with everyone immediately!  On Saturday, Patti and I took turns running and watching Cole.  I was on first watch, and he loved grabbing the bars and walking himself around the jungle gym.  He was super proud of himself :-)  It was awesome running through the park with so many other people out and about on a Saturday morning.  There were a ton of cyclists, who I always see in this area, and lots of runners and dog walkers.  They were mostly right along the river, and wouldn't you know it, the two pics I took are of the upper path.  Ah well.
Riverside Park

Cathedral by Grant's Tomb
More Riverside Park
 Then we went to Ikea.  I bought a desk, which I then had to lug back on the train. But I really wanted this desk, and it wasn't in stock anywhere else, was being discontinued, and wasn't for sale online or over the phone.  Could have been worse.  I have the desk I wanted for my new place!  Woot!  It's adorable, I can't wait to decorate everything!

Then me, Patti and Ed went to see The Hunger Games.  LOVED it.  Go see it.  And read the book if you haven't already.  I've been getting people to read these books for awhile now, and everyone has loved it so far.  So read it!  Yes you.  But anyways, the movie was amazing.  None of those awkward vampires in sight (spoiler alert?). 

Then Cole acted adorable a lot and I got some cute pictures of him.  He was babbling away all weekend, talking to us intently.  And he'll walk anywhere as long as he has a grip on something, but still won't venture past the furniture.  He'll figure it out :-)
Standing as long as he is near something else
Expert maraca shaker
Playin with blocks my Uncle Matt got me
Is there something on my lip?
He's gonna hate me when he's older for posting this last picture.  In our decorating, Patti and I had lots of tape, scissors, and tools lying around.  This is a piece of duct tape on his lip, and he is making the most fantastic face.  I can't even handle it.  It's like he knows how ridiculous all this is.  Love him!

Yay NYC weekends!

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