Pink and sparkley, Part 2

Hahaha, once again, I painted my nails pink and sparkley.  And once again, this idea came from talking with Tracy.  We thought it would be cute to paint all our nails one color pink, then just the ring fingers hot pink.  She thought this would be adorable for a wedding and the wedding pictures that would follow.  But I was too excited to wait until then!  Sheesh, I had to try this now!
I used some glitter I discovered in my room.

Did I mention I'm moving?  I'm moving!  So I woke up yesterday morning just ready to purge things.  So I went crazy in my room- recycling magazines, donating clothes, and throwing away things with no hesitation.  I find that when I get the urge to purge, I should stop whatever else I'm doing and just go with it.  Otherwise I wait too long and start thinking I actually do need those shirts I haven't worn in forever.

So while purging things in my room, I found so many tubes of different colored glitter from high school.  I bought these sets because of their greens- our class color.  This was a good find, those glitters did not get thrown in the trash.  They will get a place of honor in my next place.

I painted my nails and just sprinkled the hot pink glitter over the one nail.  Waited for it to dry a bit, ran my finger under water to remove some of the excess glitter, then covered it all with a clear top coat.  I think my next theme will be in blue.  I've had a pink and sparkley theme going for way too long.

But they sure are fun :-)

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