DC United, a little Easter Weekend

So the usual DC United game with the Marker family was the night before my move.  I managed to remain calm, and still go out the night before I moved for an entire weekend.  Don't worry, I still woke up at 6am the next morning, too excited to sleep, and so ready for the guys when they showed up at 9am.
Anywho, the DC United game was fantastic!  I always have fun when I go to their games, especially since La Barra Brava has completely taken over the stadium.  They used to be just one section, now they are pretty much all front sections on one side. They are fan-lead, and do a ton of organized cheers, have shirts, and as you can clearly see, massive flags.  My favorite was when DC United scored a goal (and it happened 4 times, ahem), and they unrolled a huge...banner? sheet? tarp?  Not sure what the right word is for this, but it covered a lot of people.
And you could see everyone dancing under it.  They also threw their beer into the air when a goal was scored, which luckily all missed me, and it was such a waste of beer!  It sure looked cool though...  so carry on!  What devotion.  Sorry DC United, I am not there often enough.

Also, I have way more pictures of babies and puppies from my family Easter weekend on my good camera.  But I have not loaded those yet, so for now, you will get some pictures of Cole being super proud of himself for riding in a fire truck grocery cart.  He was so excited and entertained the whole time me, Patti and Ed shopped!  Well, Patti and Ed shopped, I'm starting to feel like the paparazzi of the family, always following everyone around with cameras.  Creeper.

So adorable I just can't stand it.

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