Naughty Nautical

Ok, not actually naughty, but that's what Tracy calls it whenever I tell her what I'm wearing.  Cause it always seems to be nautical themed.  Like most Marylanders, I love me some J Crew and nautical style.  She's already planning outfits for her visit in June.  She's planning sequins, stripes, plaid, and boat shoes.  Orrrr all of the above.  "Sailing is like sex to these people.  They love it."  Name that movie.
I love that work doesn't have a super strict dress code.

And speaking of nautical, there was a massive reunion of my mom's side of the family at our place in VA.  It wasn't super warm, so no real nautical-ness yet, but there were babies and puppies.
 And puppies.
Babies and dogs.
Toddlers and dogs.
Kids and puppies.
Ok, you get the point, there were lots of relatives and canines.  Here are a few more adorable shots of people!
So ready to get up and go after having his shoes tied for him by Aunt Trish!
That tongue just screams concentration!
Danielle was super sweet and kept Cole occupied for awhile.
Then Pink wanted to meet Cole.
She approved of her new second cousin.
Then Cole did his typical duck lips face.  Danielle was amazing with him!
Yay cousins!

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