Onesie crafting

For Kat's baby party (not shower- there will be guys, no shower games, and alcohol- I call that a party) we decided the one thing to keep people occupied (other than a ton of food) would be onesie decorating.  Since she has a lot of architecture and artistic friends, we thought this was something the guys could get behind.  Hopefully they feel the same way...

Ergh, anyways. 

We also came to the conclusion that as hostess and guest of honor, we probably would not be able to sit down and make onesies ourselves.  We were a little upset about this, until we decided that we should probably test all the stuff out, you know, make sure the fabric markers were easy to use, and the fabric tape worked as easily as they said it did.  Soooo, onesie crafting day!

There are so many colors of markers, who could pick just one?  So I didn't.
I made rainbow dots and put different sized gems in there too.  If you know me, you also know that I now want to make this on a shirt that will fit me, and wear it around.  Duh.
Chicka chicka yeah!

Kitten took a classier approach to this and tackled the fabric scraps she found on Etsy.
Using the fabric fuse stuff, she made this adorable-ness!
Yep, we were uber proud of our onesies.  I even managed to make another one, though I'm not as excited about it.
Just a simple hearts theme.  I put little hearts on the back too, and Kat had little patchwork things on the back of her onesie as well.  We were gushing a little bit over the cuteness of it all.
So don't worry everyone, the markers worked well, the fabric fuse tape was great, I think we picked up some tips for everything we used.  Hahaha, go team!

So, if you're coming to the party, start thinking of ideas for decorating a onesie.  I know, I can tell you're excited.

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