Tamir + Kasey 4eva

Cake topper made by Tamir in the UMD laser lab, haha
Tamir Ezzat and Kasey Macfarlane got married on 4.14.12, and it was the cutest and prettiest wedding. 

First of all, I had no idea Historic Savage Mill Manor was so cute.  Also, I didn't even know it existed.  And to count how many times I have driven past it, or biked past it, or parked by it to go to the Savage Mill...  I do love discovering new places after living in the area for so long :-)
They had a small ceremony outside, in perfect weather.  Don't you love when the weather cooperates with something you've been planning forever?  Tamir totally choked up when he saw Kasey, and I know why, she looked so beautiful and just glowed the whole time.  I'm one of those people who cries when she sees other people cry, so I teared up.  I apologize for no documentation of the ceremony.  I was in a further-back row and didn't have any clear shots of anyone, so I figured I would just enjoy the moment for once, rather than be disappointed that I didn't have perfect pictures.  But it was a perfect ceremony :-)
Then, we did a kind of send-off for them right after the ceremony.  So we all walked around to the front of the house, and blew bubbles as they drove off into the sunset.
Well, not into the sunset, but at least to have some alone time on their wedding day. 
We filed back into the reception to have some drinks and hors d'oeuvres and visit with everyone at our table.  And eventually the wedding party filed in followed by the newlyweds.  To a Top Gun song.  Rocking the aviators.  Duh.
Omg, speaking of our table.  First, the centerpieces were all homemade.  Second, the table numbers were all numbers that meant something special to them.  For instance, we were table 410, which is the area code for the town they both grew up in.  And the table next to us was 9090, which is their house number of the house they bought together.  There was a card on each table that explained the number's significance.  So it promoted people walking around and talking to the other tables, if only to ask if they could read our card and find out more about Tamir and Kasey :-)  I loved that!
They had cards for me and Kitten :-)  The dinner was excellent, the toasts were excellent (even if Anthony embarrassed Tamir, no one will soon forget that toast!), the dancing and music was excellent (yay Danny!), the conversations with everyone were excellent.  Just overall, a great time.  And I hope Tamir and Kasey got to enjoy it.  I have a feeling it was all a blur, so I hope when they see pictures, it'll come back to them, lol.
Umm, did I mention there was a tower of cupcakes?
Cause there was.  I was such a fat kid, counting down the seconds until the cake was cut and we could eat cupcakes, haha.  They were delicious. 
So then I danced some, and my mom rocked out.  She managed to even get my dad to dance for a little.  Overall, a wonderful wedding, and a great time had by all!

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