Tatum Joseph Hauenstein

Oh my goodness, what a good name for such a good baby.  Also known as Tate (or Tater Tot), I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was only a couple days old.

Jody and Logan recruited me to take their baby pictures for them.  I (of course) jumped at the opportunity.  Not only to have a fun photography assignment, but to have an excuse to meet their little guy before anyone else!  (I am nothing if not a little selfish).

Just to give you a little feel for what the shoot was like, here are the proud parents with Tate:
Umm, they were super strict and controlling and didn't want to let me direct...  Yeeaahh, none of that is true.  We all cracked up the whole time and this was when they decided to photobomb their own baby shoot.  Well, to be fair, they wanted mostly family shots, not just him, but this photo is classic.  Especially with the adorable homemade sleepy owl hat, courtesy Logan's stepmother :-)

They are one adorable new family :-)
Wedding rings around his little toes
A little love from mama llama
Omg, are you aawwwwing yet?  How can you not?!
This bowl was part of their wedding centerpieces.  They saved a couple to give to their children, and this is one of them
Little feet :-)
Trying to warm him up for a nakey owl-hat shoot.  He was not into it.
Outside in their neighborhood in front of a forsythia
Big yawn!
The proud new family :-)
Thank you Jody, Logan, and Tate for such a fun photo shoot!

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