Teaser Post

So much has happened between now and New York!  And I haven't had time to sit down and write about it!  Jody and Logan had their baby, Tatum!  And I took their baby pictures!  I got through the many pictures, and selected about 80 that I thought were adorable, haha.  From there I was hoping to crop, add contrast, brighten things up, etc in photoshop to really make them pop.  I've gotten through many, but when you select 80, you're just setting yourself up for a long photoshop time.  But look forward to those coming up (hopefully) soon!

Then I moved this past weekend, this is why I've had minimal time to photoshop things, haha.  I gathered up some friends who helped move all of my still-packed-from-Colorado boxes that have been gathering dust (and spiders, ughhhh) for the past year, some furniture, and lots of clothes.  Then my parents and I drove a fleet of vehicles to Ikea where we did some damage.  I needed a mattress, sofa, side chair, dining table, dining chairs, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, and bookshelf inserts.  See?  Damage.  We left everything in the cars and my cousin Joe helped move everything the next day, then stayed for hours helping to build everything.  Which also included my bed and nightstand since they had been taken apart for my last move. 

There is still a pile of boxes to unpack, but with the furniture in there I feel much better about my progress :-)  So.  Get excited for some (not my baby) baby pictures, and some pictures of the new place, totally Ikea-fied.

Thank you to Ben, Zak, Joe and my parents who helped me move everything up and down 57 stairs (or 72 stairs if you went all the way upstairs).  Joe even said he was using it as his cross-fit workout, which I definitely agree with, cause I am sore in all muscles from all the lifting and stairs.  I owe a lot of people brownies and cookies...

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