UMD Club Swim- Alumni Team

Me in my natural habitat.  A pool.
So yesterday I had an alumni swim meet to attend.  I had somehow decided that the 1650 and 500 would be excellent ideas.  To be fair, yes, I do love distance swimming, and I would be extremely upset swimming the 50 free.  But still, the mile AND the 500?  The day after rocking out at Tamir and Kasey's wedding (see post soon on that one)?  Welp, too late to back out now.

Anyone on club swimming with me knew I was one not to skip events, or back down from the "harder" events.  But what they didn't realize, was that the "harder" events for me meant sprinting, and I can do pace wayyyyy better than sprint.  So you see a terrible terrible 1650?  I see a nice warm-up swim.

Well, maybe not, cause I am sore today.  So not so much warm-up swim, but at least a long pace, haha.  I went a 19:37.30, and considering I can't even remember the last time I swam a 1650 in a race, I am pretty damn happy with it.  That's right around 1:11's, and I think that is fantastic.  I won both the mile and 500, which is so awesome!

Also, I managed to lap everyone else swimming the mile at least once.  Not sorry 'bout it ::hairflip:: hahahaha

But really, I thought it was a fantastic swim.  Then I swam the 500, and went a 5:48, so barely under 1:10 pace, which again, I thought was pretty good, especially after swimming the mile already.  I was happy to go at a faster pace, though like always, I wish I had gone a tad faster.  But I'm honestly really happy with both of those swims, so I swear I'm not complaining.  I'll get back there one of these days!

Then I had the 50 fly, which I think I actually got 4th in, haha, nice!

Then Sarah, Graham, Ron $, Kelly and I headed to Looneys to grab a drink and some food.  We caught up, laughed a ton, and wished more Alumni could have joined us.  Next year will be ridiculous, I can tell already!

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