I'm on a boat!

Clearly we sang that song a bunch.  The day after my 3 mile swim in Nanticoke, I somehow agreed to wake up even earlier that morning to go on a fishing trip with Jess and Jason and one of their friends Nate.  We all got up super early, carpooled to Chesapeake Beach, and made our way to our boat, captain, and first mate.  Aww yeah.
It was cold, and kind of raining.  The water was choppy, and we were still excited!  Luckily, I grabbed a jacket from Jess's house at the last minute, so I wasn't even as cold as I would have been.  We still had to borrow extra jackets/sweatshirts from Captain Bill, because my lips were turning blue.  This happens, I get cold easily, but it was worrying everyone else, haha.
And of course Jason is in shorts, and I'm the freezing one.  We drank Jack and cokes to keep warm.  It kind of sort of worked.
Jess was really good at checking our lines, and hooking Jason ;-)  But then we got a real bite!
Just look at Nate's victory pose, we are so excited to finally have a bite!
But it's trophy season, and our 27-inch rock fish couldn't be kept since 28 inches is the smallest you can keep.  Lame.  So back into the water he went.
Did I mention it was windy too?  There were a ton of sailboats out!
And then around 1pm, the clouds parted, and I shed one of my 4 layers.  True story.  Hahahaha
No, it actually got really beautiful out, and I kind of wanted to jump in the water.  But I knew I would just get freezing again.
 Then we got another bite!  And Jess reeled this one in!  She did an excellent job!
We also did not get to keep this guy, but you can see her get more comfortable around her fish before our very eyes.  First she wanted nothing to do with it.  Then she was ok with posing with it.  Then she was ok maybe touching some scales.  Then she was kissing it.  I'd say this was within about 30 seconds of not wanting anything to do with it.  She's a braver soul than I!  Then fishy was thrown back in the water again.
 Then Jason's turn to catch a fish.  Again, too small to keep.  We were not so happy that we left the trip with no fish, and we were REALLY not so happy when everyone else on the dock had fish.  But what can ya do.
 Then Captain Bill told Jess to drive while he took a bathroom break.
Wait, he let Jess drive?  Ah well, we made it out alive.
By the end of our fishing day, the weather was beautiful, the water was perfect, and we just wished we had caught something for dinner.  At least it made for some good stories, and a good time on the water with friends :-)  Thanks Jess and Jason for planning the trip!

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