Look at the stars...

 These stars brought to you by rural Virginia.
That is actually the moon.  Doesn't it look like the sun?  It isn't.
 That's a rainbow sail in the foreground.  Love.
 Super exposed, but check out those airplane trails!  And the North Star is the one not rotating.
Less exposed.  Still classically tilted.  What up.  Hahaha.

Those sum up my Memorial weekend pretty well.  Otherwise, I also was pretty much in that water 24/7.  Or tubing trying to not get thrown in the water.
The water temp was perfect, omg it was such a good weekend at the Rivah!  Dad even went water skiing!
And the sun was in the exact wrong place, but he dropped a ski (on purpose) and skied on one for a bit!  Yay!
That was a very pink sunset, it was beautiful.  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and weekend!

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