My life, via phone pictures

It's been awhile.  I know.  I'm sorry.  I've been busy.  No excuses though.  So first of all, I have hit and passed (quite quickly) 1,000 views.  So thank you for reading!  Even when I wasn't posting new stuff (sorry 'bout it).  I'm pretty sure 700 of those views were mine, but whatever, we got there in the end ;-)

So I was scrolling through my recent pictures on my phone, and sometimes I just can't believe I chose to dignify the moment with a picture.  Other times, I'm very glad I had my phone on me, since I clearly didn't have my big-girl camera with me.  So let's go through my recent (and random) life, via iphone pics.
There is nothing better than finishing a morning swim practice, seeing a plate of muffins on the bench, then finding out those muffins were made especially for you.  I helped an awesome lady with her flip turns and she brought these in for me as thanks.  Chocolate chip banana muffins.  She even made them egg and dairy free since she didn't know if I was allergic to either.  Oh my goodness they were fantastic.  I repeat, nothing better.  Actually, these muffins are even in the background of the next picture, haha.
This sauce.  Oh my goodness, this sauce.  It was given to me for Christmas by Beth, my brother's girlfriend, and I'd been saving it for a wonderful dinner ever since.  She stocks up whenever she's at home with her family, because you can find it easily in stores there, but it's not necessarily in your neighborhood grocery store.  She said maybe try Wegman's, because they're awesome, but I might have to start ordering it online.  It's lemony, garlicky, saucey...  You know, exactly how it's described, but so much better than you can even imagine.  I marinated chicken in it overnight, and then put more sauce on them to bake.  But one word of advice, straight from my brother and his girlfriend- don't use this sauce if you plan on kissing anyone later.  Unless, of course, they are also super into Lemon Garlicious Sauce, then you're good to go!
What is it about this picture of Paul McCartney on a beach in a fantastic bathing suit that I love so much?  Maybe it's because it's Paul McCartney on a beach in a fantastic bathing suit.  I still regret not purchasing this from my local art store that was going out of business (so sad).  I don't know what in the world I would do with it (other than admire it all day), but at least I took a picture to remember it by.
For some reason I found it hilarious that my madras pajama pants clashed horribly with the floral underside of my duvet.  Enjoy.

And yes, of course I have madras pajama pants.
Full post to come, but here I am on a fishing trip, and Jess is reeling in a rock fish.  My phone is in a plastic bag, just in case, so that's why this picture is kinda dream-like.  Unfortunately we didn't get to keep any of the ones we caught, since none of them were big enough, but we still had a good time hanging out on a boat all day on the water :-)
Actually I lied, I wish I took this picture, but I did not.  This was sent to me by a friend who knows my love of Arrested Development.  Again, I wish even he took this picture, but he found it online.  Regardless, I totally saved it to my pictures so I could look at it often and laugh.  Now go watch the 3 seasons of AD if you didn't also laugh at this picture.  I'll wait :-)
A couple views from my most recent runs.  We have been having perfect weather where it's warm but not humid yet, and beautiful clear skies.  I love all the greenery on my runs, and love taking pictures of it.  It is already now super humid and raining a bunch, so I'm glad I documented the perfect weather when I could.
This is a dinner I had one night recently.  Hmm, turns out three eggs looks like a lot this way, scrambled they never look like much.  Anyways- asparagus, hollandaise, and soft-boiled eggs (they don't end up smelling super egg-y that way).  Ready go, fantastic dinner!

And I'll end it with this one:
Why yes, that is a pink heart framed picture of a Chicfila sandwich.  These frames were being given away by a co-worker, things got out of hand, and me and Bill may have made this for Ben's desk.  I'm pretty sure he knows all of the Chicfila employees at every Chicfila within a 50 mile radius.  Joke was on us though, because now every time we talk to him, we end up wanting a chicken sandwich. 

Thanks, as always, for reading about my super random life!

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