Nanticoke 3 Mile Swim

This morning I woke up at 5am (not my favorite thing to do on a Saturday).
This was the road.  It was dark.  It was lonely.  Up until I passed a cop hiding in the median...WHILE taking the picture after this one (not posted).  I guess I wasn't breaking the law enough for him to pull me over.  But let's just say he should have.  But thank you for not, Mr. Cop!  Yay!

So I met Mom and Dad in Annapolis so we could all carpool to Bivalve, MD.  Miiiiiddle of nowhere Maryland.  The pictures I took from their car were much more legal for me to be taking.  Here we are crossing the Bay Bridge- the site of my next open water swim. Dad got into the Bay Swim this year, I sadly did not.  So while he swims 4.4 miles between these bridges, I only get to do the 1 mile swim.  Ah well, hopefully next year.
What up, Sun?!  Thanks for joining us this morning!
Did you see that sky today?  Talk

Ok, anywho.  So we got to the race, I found the other masters swimmers from my team, and from here on out, my wonderful mother documented the race for me.  Thanks Mom!
Dad, Me, Bart, Reg, and Julie.  We are so ready to go.
Dad decided he'd rather swim the 1.8 mile instead of just sitting around waiting for me to finish my swim.  I agree.  This is why I'm swimming the 1 mile during his Bay Swim, duh.
Hi Mom!  Just finishing my warm-up here.  The water was quite nice, I probably didn't neeeed a wetsuit.  But it helped :-)
So here we are exiting the water after warm up, then we all had to re-enter the water from a different area so our timing chips would be activated.
We're baaack!
Thanks for helping out lifeguards!
Swim down the jetty.
Turn right, and swim around a lot of buoys for awhile.  No prob.
Ready go!
Here I am matching Reg for dolphin dives, cause it's super shallow the whole length of the jetty, so Mom said some people swimming the .5 mile in the triathlon walked the whole thing.  That is called a duathlon my friends, that is not what you signed up for.
See?  People still walking even in our swimmer heat.  Get your face in and blow some bubbles guys!
And we've turned, and are headed towards the first buoy.  I'm in there somewhere.
Some people coming in for the 1.8 mile.
Oh look, it's Dad.
Hi Dad!
Good finish!  And joining Mom to wait for me to swim in.  Wearing his finisher's medal, which doubles as a bottle opener.  Loooove.
Here I come.  Sighting like a champ.
That kid told me to "go up there".  I said "thanks" and laughed.
So up there I went.  And got my own finisher's medal that doubles as a bottle opener.
Turns out Reg was right in front of me the whole time, and we came in 12th and 13th respectively.  I went a 1:10.41 this year, dropping 6 minutes from last year.  It was definitely less choppy, and less current-fighting.  Until we got to the very end, then everyone managed to get blind-sided by it and had to use up our energy right before the home-stretch back along the jetty.

And I hate to admit it, but last year I was 3rd overall female.  This year I was 4th.  I'm kind of upset about it, I so wanted top 3.  But I guess next year I'll just have to bring it.

Great job to everyone who swam today!

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