Birthday Week, Perhaps?

I don't even know where to start!  I've had a packed solid 2 weeks, and I'm writing this post before headed out to dinner with my swim friends from high school.  Hi Retrievers ladies :-)
Last week, Matt, some other chaperones, and about 50 of his 6th graders came down for a field trip to DC/MD.  They visited colleges like UMD and John's Hopkins, and saw the sites like the Baltimore Aquarium and the National Mall.  Monday night we all attended a picnic, hosted by my parents, with them.  Patti and Cole had come into town to see me close to my birthday, and happened to also be around for this picnic.  Cole stole the show, everyone was talking about the baby they had seen on my brother's mousepad on his desk.  True story, this is generally how most people greeted him "Omg it's the baby from your mousepad, Mr. McLaughlin!"  Tres adorable.
This is the face paint and balloon bag of a professional clown (our neighbor Kim).  She thought 6th graders would be too old for her to dress up for, but they loved the balloons and face painting!
Placing the golf ball carefully in the hole.  We did not teach him this.  Either Ed did, or he's just that good.  At cheating?  Maybe.
First taste of ice cream.  He got over the coldness after a bit and loved it!  And no, we didn't let him have but a bite or two, don't worry, we finished that fudgsicle for him juuuust fine.  And here is his pensive pose, blue steel and everything.
Then Tuesday night we went out for my birthday with parents, Patti and Cole- Matt had chaperone duties to do.  We had a tiramisu cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (omg, thanks Mom!) and I opened presents while stealing bites of it, lol.  As soon as we finished, Patti said she needed all possible muscle to help her pack the car and gather up their things to drive back to NYC.  Well, it turns out this was a ruse to get me outside, where in the back of the van there was a heavy box with an Ikea coffee table in it.  Rather than move it, wrap it, etc, I got tricked into opening the van and finding it there with a bow on it.  Yes!!!  I assembled it myself a couple days later, and was able to place the coffee table book Matt got me on it! 
Sometimes when I'm in the picture, the picture ends up blurry.  Sorry bout it.  Me and Cole after I'd been tricked into going outside to find my Ikea present!

Then Wednesday.  Oh Wednesday.  My real birthday, June 20th.  First day of summer this year because it's a leap year.  Well, summer wasn't messing around this year.  Thanks heatwave.
Also, the plan was for the 6th graders to go to Medieval Times for their last dinner away from NYC.  Yep.  And did I join them?  Oh most definitely!
This happened.
 Our section supported the Black and White knight.
 This also happened.
 There was a falconer.  Mordecai?
 And of course jousting.
Our knight was pretty bad ass, but the yellow knight was victorious in the end.  Lame.  There were even two other 6th graders in Matt's group with my birthday, woot!  And luckily unfortunately they didn't read off my name as one of the people celebrating something.  But, there was a couple there celebrating their engagement.  True story.  But we headed back to their hotel after and piled into Sarah's room (another chaperone) and had lots of cake that my mom had bought for the occasion.  Thanks Mom again!
Phew, so then Thursday night I had a happy hour with my work, then tai-bo/kickboxing at my gym.  I ran into one of my Masters swimming friends there and she dragged me to it, promising it would be a difficult workout.  She was right, I was sore the next day like woah!  I will definitely be going again!  Then Friday Tracy arrived from Chicago!!  We went to Annapolis on Saturday, Sunday we hung out locally and I had a huge birthday dinner with friends then had everyone come back to my place after- we watched the Physics video Jordan and Chris made their junior year of high school (don't ask), some Olympic Trials for track and field, and some Arrested Development for good measure.  And we ate a lot.  I had snickerdoodle bread, mississippi mud brownies, and vegan chocolate cake (minus the extra chocolate chips- woah guys, let's not go crazy) for Jon! 
We went into Baltimore the next day- walked by the Visionary Art Museum.
 Walked along the Inner Harbor, found some ducks and ducklings.
 And enjoyed some Rita's as we watched kids (and dogs and parents) play in a fountain!

Yeah, talk about a packed week!

Also, please tell me you're watching the Olympic Trials for swimming as closely as I am!  Please!  I have been telling you guys for a very long time, it's Ryan Lochte's year (maybe it's my bias towards him in general), and I have found myself betting people that he's gonna take golds away from Phelps this year (people who don't care about swimming even).  He deserves it, he works hard, and he may be a little hot weird, but we all know I think he's awesome.  So watch some of the trials!  Swimming is good for you, even just watching it!  **Not a scientific fact.

Woot Birthday week!  It's been fun, let's do this again next year!

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