Hanging pictures

I had been putting off hanging these pictures ever since I moved in.  I've never had a staircase to worry about, I've never had double height ceilings to work with, I've never had such a big wall to play with, and mostly, I've never had all of that facing the living room.

I didn't want to screw it up.  I didn't want to have to redo it later.  I was afraid to take the first step.

But then I just got the urge to go for it.  I didn't fight that urge, I worked with it.  So this happened.

Yep, that's the stack of pictures I had in the corner of my place for forever, laid out on the ground in some semblance of a pattern.  What's that you ask?  How did I figure out the angle of the stairs?  Shhh, I'm an architect, I just eyeballed it.  (In truth, I had no idea, I just hoped it went for the best)

Well, those stayed on my floor for a couple days before I got that urge again, haha.  I realized that I had company coming (Tracyyy!!!) and a big group of people coming over right after that (birthday dinner!!).  I couldn't possibly tell them to just walk around this and expect everything to work out fine.  So I started on one end and just didn't look back.

I picked up that first 8x10, memorized how it related to the few pictures touching it, and repeated that for each picture.  I also had the picture I had taken of it all on the ground, so a few times I went back to my camera and double checked that I was hanging things right, after I had already moved them off the floor.  There was one I messed up, so I just improv-ed a bit in that section.  But oh my goodness, the arbitrary angle I picked on the ground actually worked once they were up on the wall!  Success!
View from my dining table
View up the stairs
I think it's colorful, and fun, and totally fits in the space!  And, the best part is I can keep adding to it!  I need to go through more recent pictures (like Korea!) and add them to this.  And more paintings and everything!  So exciting.  Yay decorating!

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