I'm a Happy Girl

Saw this recipe on The Pioneer Woman yesterday, and decided I had all the ingredients and would make it last night.
It is supposed to be made in a cast iron skillet.  Well, I don't have one of those, I want one, but just can't commit, I'm not entirely sure why?  So I just made it in a regular round pan.  I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure it was just as good as it would have been in a skillet.
I cut slices into it, then laughed, because who was I kidding, I wasn't putting a slice on a plate and eating it nicely with a fork with my pinky up.  So I grabbed a spoon and watched some old episodes of The Office.  It was glorious.  Not too hard around the edges, but kinda crumbly, then nice soft doughy middle...yum.  I should have added the ice cream on top like in the original posts, but woah, let's not get crazy, I was already attacking this with a spoon.  You should make this too, it was wicked easy!

B t dubs, I just realized I took this picture on top of my cookie monster carpet (I don't call it that, but some of my friends have).  Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

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