54th Annual Williams Family Reunion

It was time, once again, to make the annual trip up to Massachusetts for the Williams family reunion!  I missed Cole's first reunion last year due to a wedding I was at, so I was super excited to get new pictures of the farm and Cole at the farm!

We stayed in Northampton.  Here is the sunset Friday night.
After 8.5 hours in the car, I suggested a walk, so me and my parents walked to "downtown" Northampton and back to the hotel.
Then on my run the following morning, I got a better view of Main Street.  Tres adorable.
My grandmother's (dad's side) maiden name was Williams, so even though my last name doesn't match, this is still my family!  As you can see, we've had this farm in the Williams family for quite a long time.  There were some sporadic reunions when my grandmother was little (there were some images displayed this year of one of those reunions- she looked about 15 in the pictures!) but they really started back up when my dad was little.  I think when he was 8?  So whenever we're free, we head up to Sunderland, Massachusetts for great corn, great family, Richardson's Candy Kitchen, and some swimming in the Deerfield River :-).  Maybe some Yankee Candle Factory visiting too.

We've started a new tradition in more recent years.  My dad's cousin Lee is often at the Amherst Farmer's Market before the reunion in the morning.  We go visit him, buy some plants, popsicles, maple things, whatever we want!  And usually this is when I go crazy taking pictures of all the fresh flowers, produce, and homemade bread.  So enjoy with me!
Sadly, we couldn't get a hold of Lee this year, but headed over anyways, hoping to run into him anyways!  He and his wife Deb must be on vacay or something though, cause we missed em.  One of my other ancestor's founded Amherst.  Fun fact.

There were a lot of dog's around the market, but none as huge as this one!  Cole was excited, not scared of the dog :-)
We got some coffee, hung out in the shade, and just enjoyed chillin around Amherst :-).  The weather was beautiful!  But it was time to head over to Sunderland to visit with family, so we headed on over!

Cole figured out pretty quickly that the best part of reunions, is the fresh corn.  We have 2 huge coolers full of it, and considering Cole ate 1.5 ears himself, you can imagine we get through that amount just fine.
Double fisting
He truly devoured those, he left less on the cob than I think I did, haha.

I went inside to check out the family tree.  It's handwritten, and goes back quite a bit.
I'm part of Generation 11
Generation 12 includes Cole River
It's cool to read over it and follow the lines around
I mean come on, most of the people here are 2nd and 3rd cousins of mine, so figuring out how I'm related to everyone is always a challenge.  And since I'm a visual learner, this helps :-)

When I went back outside, Cole had migrated to the kiddie pool in the shade.  So I followed!  Patti was blowing bubbles to entertain him.
Cole has learned a very fun skill.  He knows how to hug!  With better balance, he can really throw himself at you and get into the hug.  It's really awesome.  Also, he pats your back, which makes it 10 times more adorable.
We all wear name tags.  It helps everyone.  Cole's is on his back, which ended up being a very smart place for his.  Smart thinking, Patti.
I have 4 pictures of him reaching for my camera.  And those are just the times I documented.  He is very into technology.
Such a happy little boy :-)  Despite being totally off his sleep schedule, and not totally excited to be awake, he was sweet and adorable as usual.

Then I visited the new calves and the cows with Beth!  She was brave enough to let them suck on her fingers and lick her hand.  I was brave enough to document it...
The cows were ready to be milked, that's why they were inside the barn.

Then back to the kiddie pool!  We had been tempting fate before, by letting Cole play in the water in his clothes.  So he's stripped down to his diaper.
 He totally wanted to play with my camera.
 3rd half piece of corn- so this was his 1.5 total for the day!
 His diaper absorbed a lot of water, so Patti figured she would stuff the frog in there too.  Why not?

 Yep, he knows what the reunion is about.  Corn.
 Baby booty!!
 Old reunion shirt from 1988, and he's workin it.
We tried to go to the Deerfield River then.  But the place was packed, cars everywhere, and we watched a cop walking down the rows of cars ticketing them.  Sooo we decided it wasn't in the cards this year, and headed back to the reunion after party up the hill overlooking the farm.  Pat and Jimmy's place, with a pool, is traditionally the place to go for everyone.  Us McLaughlin's usually headed to grandpa's house though, to catch up.  Grandpa sold his place and moved in with my uncle and his family though, so we no longer had our headquarters.  Actually I think the fam went there last year too?  But like I said, I couldn't make it last year.

So anyways, up the hill!  With more corn, obvi.
These are Cole's 3rd cousins, and my 2nd cousin Lisa.  Chase is 2 days older than Cole.
And Chase's older sister Leah is 2.5 now, I think? 
We think Cole and Leah look way more like siblings than Leah and Chase.  You see it?

Well, anyways, the reunion was awesome, the weather was perfect, and I loved catching up with everyone :-)

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