Berry Tarts and Plum Cobbler Muffins

Liz went to a farm and picked a bunch of raspberries, blueberries, and plums.  For my birthday, she had got me mini tart pans.  She figured she would get me to make tarts (with her, for her, whichever)- this plan was accelerated when she showed up with all this wonderful fresh fruit!
This is the start of a beautiful friendship.
We peeled and pitted the plums, mixed them in some sugar, and baked some graham cracker crusts into the tart pans.

We didn't really focus on the task at hand that much (when do we ever when together?) and had to head to dinner to make the 4th of July fireworks in time.  We went to a Korean place for dinner, and got stared at like crazy.  I mean, it was the day of cookouts and American food, and instead we were craving noodles in black bean sauce.  What can ya do.  On the way to the fireworks we saw this awesome ombré green Explorer with the license plate JADED.  Love.
Happy Birthday United States of America!  Also Happy Birthday Reg!  We swam 59x100s this morning at practice in honor of his 59th birthday (we of course added one to grow on, so an even 6,000 yard practice- haven't done that in awhile!  Loved it!)
So then baking night Part Deux.
We already had the graham crusts ready, and the plum stuff.  So we decided to adapt this individual cobbler recipe to instead use plums.  I started to add too much of the juice, but we decided to just go with it and see how things turned out.  Then you add the batter on top of the fruit.
Well, they were sticky, messy, and delicious.  Yeah, that muffin pan had to soak for a bit...  I'd add a little less liquid if you need to transport these places, or aren't able to eat them with a spoon (oooh, I am so putting vanilla ice cream on these...)

Then we put the blueberries and raspberries in a sauce pan and started mashing!  
 We added a scoop of brown sugar, and a scoop of white sugar.
And it slowly became this.  Liz started adding some cornstarch to thicken it up.  It tasted amazing.  So we just spooned it onto the graham crust tarts by itself.
Omg.  Yeah.  Then we just put em in the fridge to firm up some before she went home :-)

I'd have to say- Mission Accomplished.  Liz went home with 2 tarts, 12 plum mini cobblers, and a plastic container with at least 1 cup of the raspberry/blueberry "jam" (and leaving me with the same!).

You give a girl some tart pans, she'll want to make you tarts!  And now I have some amazing things to eat for awhile!!  Thanks Liz!!

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