Dierks Bentley and DC United

I saw Dierks Bentley perform at Pier Six Pavilion in BMore.  It was a fantastic show!  I agreed to go with Age and Kristen and more friends of Age's, and we met at the bar beforehand.  It's a country concert.  Of course we hit up the bar first.  Also I wasn't entirely sure I knew any Dierks songs to begin with...  But whatevs, I like country, I like summer concerts, I like my friends...  Who could say no?
We wandered over to Pier 6 around 8pm and saw so many people sitting along Pier 7 and 5, it was ridic.  We were like, why'd we even spend the money for the lawn seats, sheesh! So after the most thorough purse search ever, we were finally in!  Annnnd the lawn was already taken over.  So we stood along the side until Dierks actually came on around 9:15ish and then claimed some of the further back seats.  There were rows of empty seats, I promise we weren't even being super sneaky about it.  If asked to move, we totally would have!  Promise.
So he came on, sang lots of songs about summer, drinking, drinking in the summer...  Hahaha, it was a great time.  Age knew every word, and I just danced along.  I definitely knew one song, maybe 2 or 3, but it was a good time regardless!
Then, sadly Jon and Jess are moving to the West Coast.  Sad for me, cause I barely even saw them when they lived in DC, much less now that they're on the other coast.  But exciting for them!  Jess is in Chi for the summer, training TFA peeps, and will join Jon out west when that is done.  So Jon had a going away DC United game party, true to his style :-)
DC United vs Montreal Impact.  DC United kicked butt.  Obvi, cause I was there.  They won 3-0, and we had a great time despite the ridiculous heat.  We were in the last row of the lower section, which at first we thought wasn't as fun as being up close.  Then we discovered AC drifting onto us from the private box right behind us.  And when it started to pour, we were protected by the upper deck.  Yay!
I had a great time catching up with Jon before he moved, and chatting with Steven, Joe and Mr. Marker!
Once again, I'm in a picture and it's blurry (and I look weird).  But come on, how awesome is this picture otherwise!  We finished taking it, and Joe goes "I think I was in that."  Hahahahaha, yes sir, you were definitely in it.  Yay Markers!

Jon, I know you'll absolutely dominate SanFran, but come back and see us soon!

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