None of Your Beezin' Business.

Do you know what that title means?  Then you weren't there last year.  Next years motto will most likely be "You say tomato, I say Michigan." from this year.  Dan, you are a genius.
My brother Matt is a teacher.  So a lot of his friends are teachers.  So they get the summer off.  I do not envy them during the school year, but during the summer- yes.  I mean, who doesn't wish they had 2 months off in a row?  Right?  Shirts were made this year.  They say "What happens in Virginia, stays in Virginia... because it's none of your beezin' business!"  Before I knew one was made for me, I was so about to puffy paint MacGyver my own.  Thank goodness they had foresight and got me one though.

So he has them down to our parents place in VA for a week each summer.  Not as many people could make it this year, but that meant everyone actually had a bed this year.  Win!  I was only able to be down for the weekend, but oh my goodness.  Those kids know how to have fun.  There was a schedule every day...
Steve and Jenny's Italian-themed day- Steve is holding it as his prop in the group photo
...with games, food, and other fun things to do.  There were balloon blast competitions, croquet tournaments, flip cup, beer pong, celebrity baby picture quizzes...
I hope you know #21
...VA house quizzes, fellow VA-goer quizzes, extreme bocce... to name a few.  Then you were ranked first through last.  At the end of the vacay, whoever had the lowest score (meaning they had won many of the competitions) wins Virginia.  And you win this glass sculpture with a glow in the dark jellyfish in it that Matt found at a jewelry store.  How does he find the coolest gifts all the time?!  Trust me, you want to win this.  So the first official competition I was there for was balloon blasting.  You got a point if you hit the pier.  You got 2 points if you hit a boat (there were 3 boats in a row, see later pictures).  You lost 5 points if you hit the osprey nest.  See below for a gazillion action shots!
Mom is a beast
Mom- perfect form
Dad- the one who rigged up this contraption
Dark Horse took too long to set up...
And his balloon popped as it was released
So Dark Horse- round 2
Dark Horse- success
Matt dominating
Beth- you looked so worried in every picture I took
Jenny being adorable as always
Me, with Dan practicing his form while waiting in the wings
Dan with his now perfect form
Margaret dominated at balloon blasting
Yoni did not so much dominate this, but we think he killed a lot of stinger nettles!
Steve did so well!
Beth also ended up dominating this!
Everyone watching Dan's balloon
Everyone watching Steve's balloon
Everyone watching Mom's balloon
And Matt's
Ok, so now you can see our targets!
Hoping I hit the pier
Lol, action shot of me getting back to my seat
The sun was slowly setting, and we had a bucket of balloons still
Dan's turn- trying to hit a boat
Dad's turn
Check out that sky!
Steve and Jenny are awesome
Gorgeous sky!
Then we had a feast for dinner, and relaxed around a fire after and told stories.
Well, Dan told stories- mostly about Jebediah McLaughlin and Moses Shemesh. Generally these are stories about what happened during the day with our names changed- and it always ends with someone dying and haunting everyone.
It was dark- sorry if you're blurry in these pictures!
Then we went to the end of the pier and watched the fish swimming around the green light.  Did I mention Dan jumped in on top of all the fish 4 times?  Because he did.  He jumped into the water at night.  Through jellyfish infested water.  He was going for more points to try to win Virginia.  Luckily he was wearing his life vest, and did not get stung by anything.

Then the next night we had amazing fireworks bought by Dan and Matt in Michigan.  That's a state that lets you buy fireworks that go up!  So they got some awesome ones, with a finale called Excalibur.  Check out these action shots!  The Rivah has never seen anything this good :-)
Wait.  Pause.  Jenny gets nervous around fireworks.  So she hid behind the boat on the pier.  She folded up quite compactly to hide behind that little rowboat.  She's efficient.
 Ok, now back to the show!
Look at this amazing fireworks display!  Can't even handle it.  I took like a gazillion pictures, so these are just the highlights, I swear.

The Rivah Extravaganza is always awesome!  Can't wait for next year!  I don't know who officially won Virginia yet, but my money is on Beth :-)

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