Tes Schooley- 2 weeks old

Based on my many posts of dinners, baby parties, and the like, you had to know the baby pictures would show up soon!  Welcome to the world, Tes Schooley!  I hope you don't already hate me for posing you and dressing you in ridiculous(ly adorable) outfits!  But this happened, and you're gonna love them someday! Here she is as a little turtle
And here are more shots of her as a dragoness (I just freakin loved this dragon hat- shout out to Kari for getting it!!)
And there was a tutu we tried after this, but it was itchy and she was just not feelin it after being on such warm soft things, but after we took it off her she was quite pleased.  Happy baby!
Holding hands with her parents :-)
 Happy family :-)
Feet?  Feet.  Love.
Congrats Kat and Zak!  Tes is so adorable!

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