All My Brothers, Sisters, and Me!

Becky was in town from Korea from the 30th to the 9th!  I know, I told you already- that's why I was so busy with family all being in town coming to see her.  Matt and Beth came through on Monday night the 30th and we had a fantastic dinner on the deck with lots of grilled things courtesy Dads new grill for his birthday :-)  Patti, Ed and Cole came down for the weekend, the 3rd through the 5th.  And Ross was in town the whole time, visiting Becky.  And she got her audition!  She'll be based out of Ft. Meade for her next assignment!  Yay!!  Super close to our parents and me, and an amazing band to be a part of.  So freakin cool!

So, in honor of so much family in town, I took a bunch of pictures of Cole.  Hahahaha, I know- from these pictures, you'd think I was watching Cole all weekend and the rest of the family had disappeared.  Well, I hope they're not that devoid of other people...  But here he is, in all his glory.   Mr. Cole River.
Everyone was nice enough to come visit my apartment for a couple hours on Friday.  We ventured over to the playground by me, and it was super humid and hot, but Cole had a fabulous time playing!
He's gotten quite adept at stairs, though he likes to take his time :-)
We have Patti at the bottom of the stairs, Becky at the top.  Both waiting patiently.  We have him covered.
Then we decided to let him go down the slide backwards and on his stomach.  Well, despite trying to tuck his shirt in, his shirt rode up, exposing his belly, and he squeaked down the slide the whole way, and kept getting stuck, hahaha.  We couldn't stop laughing, the poor kid.  He certainly didn't get going fast, but he sure did seem to enjoy it regardless:-)
Then on Saturday we went to our neighborhood pool.  My summers were spent at that pool- swim practice, lounging, tanning, the other 3 siblings all lifeguarded there...and my parents still swim there often. 
We played in the baby pool mostly, with the frog slide.  Cole was so good at walking up the stairs to get to the top of the slide!  He had a little more trouble trying to figure out how to get his legs in front of him to slide down sitting up.  He sometimes just went down backwards on his stomach, or other times he just stood there until we picked him up and to let him put his legs in front of himself.  But he loved sliding into the water!  As soon as he was down and standing in the water again, he moved his way to the back of the frog to slide down again :-)  This frog was not here when I was a little kid.  Would have been awesome if it was.
Patti is very concerned about sun exposure.  I think he looks adorable in his hat.  Ed doesn't think so...
Then Cole found the skimmer on the side of the pool.  He put his rubber ducky and ball into the hole, and then they disappeared.  He got upset, so I opened the skimmer on the top and gave them back to him.  Patti recognized immediately that this was going to be a bad game, and she was right.  He was so excited to watch his toys float away, then be able to look up and they were sitting waiting for him (my mom took over fishing them out each time).  When we stopped playing the game, he didn't understand why his toys weren't waiting for him on the pool deck anymore after he had put them through the side of the pool.  Here is his distress:
Maybe not distress, haha, but certainly confusion :-)

Early on playing in the baby pool, my mom went down the slide, and in the split second we watched her go down, Cole turned away and started running in the water.  Well, a foot and a half of water is super high on him, and his top half was moving faster than his bottom half, and he just plunged into the water.  I grabbed him out of the water, he had been under for less than a second- I promise we weren't neglecting him or far away at all, but we were all like ahhh!  He just blinked his eyes and looked around like, what's the issue?  Ed said that's how Missy Franklin got started- she went under and didn't cry or care, so her parents enrolled her in swim lessons.  Good luck Patti and Ed, I see 5am practices in your future :-) 

After 2 hours of playing in the pool, Cole was hungry and ready to go home.  So we got him home, fed him some snacks, and were chilling outside on the deck when this happened.
Apparently he was not ready to be out of the pool, just kind of hungry at the time.  I swear, we raised another swimmer.

So then Mom grabbed a broom and was sweeping the deck off.  She grabbed another for him and was teaching him how to sweep too.  After she was done, she set both aside, but Cole wasn't done this magnificent game yet!  No way!
According to Patti, his daycare has made him really into cleaning things up and putting them away.  So much so, that she'll get a toy out for him to play with, and he dutifully puts it back.  He is a wonderful little help :-)

So yeah, like I said, you'd think I hung out with only Cole all weekend, not my entire family, but oh well.  We'll make sure to get more family shots next time :-)

Congrats Becky on getting a position in the Field Band!!  Can't wait to have you super close by in a month!!

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