Insalata Caprese per la Famiglia

For reals this time!  I know, I totally teased you with that pasta version.  Let's be honest, the real thing is what we're all after.  It's just so simple, so classic, so good all together.  And this time there was fresh basil to be had :-)
I was put in charge of this dish when lots of family was over- Parents, Patti, Ed, Cole, Becky and Ross- and Patti's friend Georgia and her boyfriend joined us as well.  So for once I was allowed to fill a platter with this amazing flavor combo.  I put basil between the tomatoes and mozzarella, and sprinkled a tiny bit of salt and pepper over the whole thing.  Drizzle some olive oil, and make sure to reduce down that balsamic vinegar until it's thick and sweet and then drizzle that on top as well.  You can almost eat the balsamic plain that way (not that I tried that...I was delicious).  Easy and simple but it looks so pretty :-)
I also took a picture of my dessert plate.  I had some grasshopper pie, vanilla ice cream, and sliced strawberries.  There was supposed to be more to the vanilla ice cream and strawberries, but I was too full to partake in the rest of it (there was a crescent roll involved to make a kind-of-strawberry-shortcake).  When family comes into town, there is always way too much food.  I love it!

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