Korean streetfood to the rescue!

You ever have one of those weeks?  Just one of those weeks, man.  No matter what you're doing it seems that nothing is going right?  Yeah, that was last week-ish for me.  Last two weeks, really.  There have been highs and lows.  I'm glad to say I made it through.  Slightly unrelated, and slightly not, read this and this.  Two of my favorite bloggers.  Saying what I wish I could say.  Wish, because they are funny, endearing, equal parts sappy and nonchalant, and not angry.  They make my heart hurt, and sing at the same time.  Incidentally, you should read their blogs more often :-)

So where was I?  Oh yes.  Torture week.  Enter family and friends to save the day!  There were lots of texts, phone calls, and sibling visits to distract myself.  And Liz made me pizza and watched crappy Bravo reality television with me, then the Olympics (a girl couldn't ask for more) one night, then came over to my parents house and brought the Hotteok mix I had gifted her from Korea when I visited so we could make it for Becky and my parents.  We are tricky- she got me mini tart pans in the hopes that I would make her tarts, and I got her hotteok mix in the hopes that she could help me translate and make hotteok with me!  We are geniuses actually.
Remember these?  Genuine Korean streetfood.  Pretty much a pancake-meets-cinnamon roll.  It's a sweet pancake with gooey cinnamon stuff inside, which makes it easier to eat while walking :-)  I saw the mix and grabbed it for Liz, since this was one of the few things she insisted I try while there.  She understood my family would be doing whatever Becky decided, but this she was adamant about.  Thank goodness she was!  I think she knew my need was great last week, and busted out this mix at the most opportune time.  Well...that, and we were going to make them for Becky- as a congrats for getting the job and you're now moving back to the US!  Wait, so we made her a Korean dessert?  Yeah, it makes sense if you don't think about it :-)
So gather up your favorite Hotteok Mix!  (I understand this is going to apply to very few of you out there...  Becky has promised to bring me a couple more boxes of the stuff when she moves back, so maybe if you're lucky, I'll make them for you some time!)
Mix up the dry ingredients, and the yeast with 250mL of warm water.  Let the dough rise in a warm place for an hour or so.
And then divide it into little balls of dough!  We made 10, I think that's how many the box said it would make.  But let's be honest, it was all in Korean, so there was no way I knew what I was doing.  So you flatten out a ball of dough...
Put on a pile of cinnamon mix stuff...
And wrap the dough around the cinnamon.
Then flatten it out again
These are ready to get cooked!  Put some oil in a pan, and cook them on both sides until done all the way through.  How can you tell if they're done?  We guessed.
Mmm, just look at this pile ready to be devoured!
We got better at cooking them as we went along.  But they all tasted good!  Even the first one, which we (I) kind of totally burned.  Just look at what is inside these mothers!
Ooey gooey cinnamon.  It turned into like a cinnamon glaze in there after being cooked, mmm, so good.  This informative picture quickly turned into pac-man eating a banana.
But that's just the company I keep.  Liz is amazing.
Woah.  You think I need to remove that nail polish?  Jeez, lazy, that's still from River Extravaganza weekend with all my brother's friends.  Why can't my nails look more like Liz's?  She did black polish, green glitter, then star glitter, and it looked like the night sky.  I kid you not, I got distracted talking to her because it kept catching my eye and making me jealous of her amazeballs sense of polish style.  True story, you can ask her.

Anyways, back to the hotteok!  I bet you could google how to make these not from a pre-packaged box.  Or maybe even find the box here at some fully-stocked Korean market?  Maybe try amazon?  (My answer to everything).

Also, to try to pick myself up, I made my favorite lunch one day instead of just packing a tupperware of leftovers:
Cookies and milk for dinner?  PB&J with banana for lunch?  Clearly I am a 5 year old when it comes to comfort food.  I'm totally ok with that.

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