So I got that goin for me. Which is nice.

Just what do you need a float for on a bike?...

After a long work week, I was itching to get out of the office and to my parents place in VA.  It means sun, water, long bike rides, crabs, tubing, stars, and just relaxation.  I couldn't wait any longer, and snuck out of work early on Friday.  Not before several clients called, and some reps stopped by to talk to me.  Those tricky guys, don't they know it's Friday?

Patti, Ed and Cole were down for a week long vacation, so I got to see more of Cole, and what he has learned to do.  He's started stepping off the pier and just trusting someone will catch him.  Apparently I used to do this.  It was terrifying!  He was literally walking the plank, and as soon as we got him back onto the dock, he would turn the other direction and walk straight off.  We had 3 adults surrounding him whenever possible, haha.  I guess he learned from the best:
If we don't want Cole just walking into the water, he should not have been watching this.  Oh well, it's how my family does things, hahaha.  Patti was on a kayak out in the water, getting video from the water.  She was a fantastic cinematographer!

After this ridiculousness, we checked the crab pot... see how our feast was coming along for the next night.  Ed had been catching little fish off our pier to use as bait, so he was doing a fantastic job of getting us these crabs!  Then we all changed into our suits for a boat ride with drinks out on the Potomac.
Cole had raisins, string cheese, and a juice box to occupy him.  Poor kid couldn't get used to the movement of the boat though and kept falling over.  He liked the boat in general, but continually plopping down from getting off balance wasn't making him very happy...

That night, Patti and I played Just Dance 3 on the wii.  Neither of us love playing video games, but here was finally a game we both loved and (pardon the expression) jumped at the chance to play!  We got really into it and had a blast :-)  Then a couple rounds of Rummikub with the fam, and off to bed.

The next day, I biked 28.65 miles, then ran 2 to do sort-of brick training.  Even though I'm not training for anything, haha.  I did right around the same distances the weekend before with my friend, but she pushed me to run more that time.  On my run this time, I saw a bald eagle!
I know, this picture proves nothing, but I swear it was a bald eagle :-)  He could probably sense I was not a great runner and was just waiting for me to collapse for an easy meal, hahaha.  Anyways.  I cooled off just floating around in the River, luckily sans nettles.  After that, Patti and I played Just Dance again, and had a little dance party as well.  Cole took part in it from two different levels:

Showin us up with his moves!  He was also an obstacle while playing Just Dance.  He has stopped running off with cell phones, but instead wants us to have them if we have left them out (I told you, he likes cleaning up).  So at one point he was giving me back my cell phone while I was trying to dance.  Whatevs, it was nice of him :-)

Then dad started getting the crabs ready to steam.  We got them off the pier, and put them into Cole's baby pool.  He was very nice and tried to share his toys with the crabs.  No joke, he was throwing his toys into the cage.
They actually played with that ball for a little bit, but I think it was more in response to getting it away from them than actually passing it between themselves...I can dream though.

Then into the pot they go, with some seasoning on top of each crab layer!
A crab and his toys.  A study.
Why don't they want to play with the floaty car?  I mean really, I would be...

While we waited for the crabs to steam, Cole ran around the house.  He's so fun right now- starting to talk, getting really good at running around, jumping into the water, laughing a lot, and striking modeling poses.
Let the feast begin!!
Dad and Ed picked crabs for a long time, Patti and I had a couple crabs each, but were excited for the sides my mom had prepared as well.

And this is why you pick crabs on newspaper; easier clean-up.
More of Cole being adorable.
We celebrated Patti's birthday a little early, so that we could give her presents and have cake with her!  We kept Cole far away from the birthday candles.
 He matched the cake!
Then we played some more Rummikub, but not before counting the tiles because Cole had decided to throw them all around the place.  Only my family would count them face-down instead of grouping everything together face-up...
Ed, after a few drinks, declared that he had yet to see the stars on his week in VA, and since they were headed back to NYC, he needed to see the stars, and watch the green light.  So we headed out to do both!  We have a green light sitting on the bottom of the River, and it attracts fish and we can watch them swim around and around.  It's really cool when you see crabs, big fish, little minnows, jellyfish...all swimming around together.  It's mesmerizing.
So while the family watched the fish, I took some night shots without a tripod, just used whatever was out there already- the rowboat flipped upside down, and the posts mostly.  It meant I never really knew when the camera was level, so most of these shots are classically tilted :-)

The stars above us:
 Camera propped on the rowboat, looking across the water west:
 Camera propped on the rowboat, looking across the water west:
 Still propped on the rowboat, looking at Mom, Ed and Dad watching the fish in the green light:
Then Ed threw his red white and blue LED necklace at me to see where I was since he couldn't see in the dark from watching the green light:
So I left it sitting in front of the camera and got a cool light effect:
You can see more of the boat in this one, but still can't see the necklace out of frame:
Now the camera is positioned on a post and looking East, check out how much the green light reflects onto the posts close to me:
 Still on a post and looking East:
Still on a post but looking SE, almost S, green light still reflecting a lot of light onto the posts:
 Still on a post but looking SE, almost S, green light still reflecting a lot of light onto the posts:
 Still on a post but looking SE, almost S.  This reflection is so awesome:
We woke up and got going this morning.  The weather wasn't great, and Patti and Ed had to get back to NYC tonight.  Fantastic weekend as usual!  I think I need to look into getting a wii and Just Dance...

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