Germany Trip- Day 2

Day 2!  Joey arrived on a plane to Frankfurt around 10am, then took a train down to Stuttgart, where we picked him up from the train station around noon!  So today was a "staying local" day.  Especially since Joe was now dealing with the jetlag I had been fighting the day before.  And now that I think about it, Jess had gotten back from Minnesota 2 days before I got in...maybe we should have planned this better, hahaha.  But at least we were all in it together :-)
Jess and I dressed in purple-y blue and polka dots.  Without realizing the other person did.  We're officially family.
We headed to Hohenzollern Castle, near Tübingen (still close-ish to Stuttgart).  It's on top of a hill, because castles were built with defense in mind.  I tend to forget this, and only remember the Cinderella Castle parts :-)  Joe kept on talking about how annoying it would be to move the stones all the way up the hill without technology.  It was a workout enough just getting ourselves to the top of the hill.
There were lots of stairs, and steep hills to get to the castle (we so weren't going to pay to take a bus up).  Then we spiraled up a stone walkway and turned onto this!  Bah, so cool!
Adorable courtyard in the middle of the walkway up to the main part of the castle!
And a beautiful view from one direction- technically those hills are part of the Alps.  Joe told me if I ask a German if they're the Alps, they'll say yes.  If I ask an Austrian they will laugh at me.
Catholic Church on the left, Protestant Church on the right
Better view of the Protestant Church from the outside

View of the Catholic Church Chapel
Chapel again
Down below the ground level
Below the castle
Awesome spiral stairs, and a gate preventing us from going further :-/
Another awesome view
The gatehouse further down the road?  We think?
Protestant Church Chapel
Protestant Church Chapel
Hohenzollern Castle looking back
Hohenzollern Castle looking back
After the castle, we went to Tubingen!!  It was an adorable college town, and there was a market going on that Saturday, so it was super packed with people.  But look at the flowers!  And the buildings!  And bah!  It's just so cute.
Me and the cuz
Joe and Jess are adorable
So it turns out that gummi bears are a very German thing.  I mean, just look at that parachuting bear!
 Tons of people, things to buy, things to eat, and balloons.
At the end of the local touring around, we headed to Joe's base to get something they needed, and I took this picture of the Berlin wall they have right near the entrance to the base.  Crazy.
We then had a wonderful dinner at their place together, caught up some more, then crashed again.  Joe and I were leaving for Prague in the morning and didn't want to get a super later start!

And scene.

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