Germany Trip Day 3- Prague side trip

Prague!!  One major thing I learned about Prague- it's actually called Praha, so all the signs for it say Praha.  Good to know.  It once again made me question why there are different names for things in different places.  How come Firenze is Florence in english?  Wouldn't it be easier to call things the same name?  Le sigh.

Anyways, Joe was awesome (once again) and drove me to Prague.  We got up early-ish and got on the road.  It was a 4-5 hour drive, and we were super lucky with traffic- none until we were super close to the city.  We checked into our hotel, dropped our bags and parked the car there, and then headed out to explore the city on foot!
It was just an explosion of amazing architecture.  Buildings you knew had been there for centuries that had so much character, so of course I was in heaven :-)  We generally headed towards the Old Town Square from our hotel, but didn't get too worried about the true destination so much.
Don't you want to hang out with this girl?  She was like 4 and adorable in all white.  So we ended up in Wenceslas Square, which was lined with shopping, and food stands, and terminated in a huge museum.
Then we turned, and ran into the Estates Theater.  This is where Mozart first performed Don Giovanni, bahhh there's so much history here!
Can't you just see Mozart walking around that little theater?  Well, kind of little...not really.  Little as in adorable.  Awesome balcony too.

So then we stumbled upon the Old Town Square.  So many different eras of buildings colliding.  I kind of spent a lot of time photographing everything- I had never been so happy to have my wide angle lens :-)
We took a little detour to explore this church that you could see from the Square, but wasn't really on the Square itself, Church of Our Lady before Tyn.
Talk about an entrance.  Joey loved playing with my camera and lens too, haha.  Ok, so then we headed back to the square.  It was a beautiful Sunday in Prague (or Praha, if you will) and surprisingly the Square wasn't as packed as I thought it would be.  But there were still plenty of people to observe!
 Love this building.
Then there was a trumpeter at the top of the clock tower (the Astronomical Clock) to announce the hour, so awesome.
Oh my goodness, old buildings rock, hahaha.
Oh look, there's me!  Joey loved taking pictures of the background every time I handed him my camera, like I said, he had fun with the wide angle too, haha.  Here's the astronomical clock!
Straight from Wikipedia "The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working."  That is insane, 1410?  Good craftsmanship, kids.
Oh hey architecture and lamp post.

We headed towards the Charles Bridge (as seen in Mission Impossible- the bridge Jon Voight falls off of, I had not seen the movie before, so we made sure to watch it later in the week when we were back at their place in Stuttgart).  It's just a wide pedestrian bridge with lots of stone statues along it, and now a lot of kiosks to buy things too.
Also if you have seen Mission Impossible- this is the area where the cars were parked and you watched the car blow up.  I'm like practically famous.
I know, I'm weird.

Our next destination was the...wait, I'm not going to tell you yet.  It's too exciting.  It was probably my favorite part of Prague.  So along the way to it, we saw a bridge with locks on it, just like the Seoul Tower that Becky took the fam to- so you go with your love and you lock a lock there together :-)
And then we got there.  The Lennon Wall.
It's a wall dedicated to John Lennon.  Read the wikipedia page if you want the history of it, but essentially, since 1980, the wall has been covered in lyrics, sayings, images related to John Lennon and the Beatles and is constantly undergoing change as more people add to it.  I took so many pictures here, it was so cool.  I love John Lennon, I love The Beatles.  "I quote John Lennon- 'I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.'  A good point there John."
 Even the phonebooth has been commandeered for the cause.
You may say I'm a dreamer...
I loved this wall.  A wall dedicated to peace and love.  And color.

Joey managed to pull me away, and we headed back towards our hotel side of the river.  So we were headed back across the Charles Bridge.  This view was also featured in Mission Impossible- the stairs up to the Charles Bridge.
And back across the bridge as the sun started to set.
It was now time to find dinner, and as we were trying to settle on a place, the sky became I halted our dinner search to get a shot of the church on the Old Town Square (Church of Our Lady before Tyn) then just a cool night shot of the buildings across from the Astronomical Clock.
Then we grabbed dinner and wandered back towards our hotel again- hitting up Wenceslas Square again to get a dough thing covered in sugar, coffee and toffee.  It was not a bad snack, haha
View looking out our hotel window of a lot of domes, towers, and spires illuminated.
Good night Prague!  See you in the morning!

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