Germany Trip- Day 4, Prague Visit

Day 2 of the Prague visit with Joey.  Our hotel was kind of the best, and we had two destinations for today's agenda.  I wanted to see the Dancing House, by Frank Gehry, and we were headed to the castle and church up the hill on the other side of the river.  Anything else we stumbled upon was a bonus!
So this was that huge museum at the end of the Wenceslas Square from yesterday...much larger when you're not 10 blocks away, lol.  So we thought we were headed towards the river and the Dancing House, but we got a little turned around.  Once we got back on track we passed this hospital.
Isn't this the hospital from creepy movies?  Like, totally, right?

But then we found the Dancing House :-)  I knew I would see a ton of awesome old architecture by going to Prague, so that's why this was the only thing on my list to see, everything else was just going to be awesome no matter what.
Then we walked along the river to cross over the Charles Bridge again to get to the castle.
Along the way we went into the St. Nicolas Cathedral, it was crazy decorated!  So cool, especially since we were allowed upstairs and could see the whole church from above.
Then we continued on to the castle overlooking the city.  We got there at noon, just in time to see the changing of the guard, which was cool to watch, but it also meant we couldn't go in yet, lol.
Once we were inside, the basilica was amazing.
 I gave it a hug, haha.
 Once again, I loved having my wide angle lens, lol.
Ok, then we headed up the belltower to see an awesome view of the city from there.  It was just a tiny spiral staircase the entire way up, then the entire way down.  No landings, nothing.  It got interesting when people had to pass each other going different directions, but whatevs.
The views were incredible.
 You can see the packed-with-people Charles Bridge from here.
We headed back down the tower, but we were still in the castle area.
Then it was 1pm, time for the changing of the guard again, and this time we weren't allowed to leave, haha.  Perfect timing each time
PS- I want this little car.
Here is a guy using a drill to slice a potato into a pile of spiraled potato and then it gets fried into a pile of spiraled potato, haha.
Our last destination was the market in Prague
Don't you want those raspberries?  Yumm.  I didn't end up buying anything here, but I am really sorry I didn't get any of those berries...

Then it was time to head back to Stuttgart.  We didn't want to get back too late, and we were anxious to see Jess since she didn't get to join us in Prague.  Besides, we had Mission Impossible to watch!

Get ready for the next day, when we went to a pumpkin festival.  Yeah.  That happened.

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