My weekend at the Rivah

I was in Chicago last weekend, and I'll be in Germany this weekend (woooooo!), so I needed a relaxing weekend between those two trips.  Especially since I was sick.  I packed a bag Thursday night, but debated at work on Friday whether I was going to make the trip down to VA to meet up with my parents, and aunts and uncles- or if I was going to just chill at my place. 

My mom called me around 10am at work and told me she would make me chicken noodle soup to get better quicker.  I was sold.  I told Ben this.  He cracked up at me and called me the skinniest fat kid he knows.  He's right, I plan things based around food.  Also, I'm telling everyone he said that because he called me skinny, yesssss.

Friday night was chicken noodle soup as promised, with Uncle Tom and Aunt Ginny to join us, and a round of Rummikub after dinner, then Mom and I watched Fashion Police.  Man I miss cable sometimes.
Saturday wasn't getting good weather reviews, apparently there was even a tornado in MD!  But we had a really beautiful morning and afternoon- I went on a great bike ride despite the crazy wind already picking up.  It cooled down and got super windy around 5pm and kept getting darker.  See how horizontal the crab pots are?
We lost power during Dads football Saturday (ok, I had already taken over the remote and he got football on commercial breaks), but it came back on in time to get dinner going for us and Ginny and Tom coming over. We watched The Hunger Games after dinner, and then went out onto the pier when it was super dark.
Paparazzi shot.
It's hard to be perfectly still for 10 seconds...

The next day.  Oh the next day.
American flag and McLaughlin flag
The next day was beyond beautiful.  It's one of those few perfect days we get on the East Coast.  Low humidity, a breeze, sun, some shade...  Me and the parents rode our bikes over to Ginny and Toms place to drop off a Sunday newspaper for them, then around to the Marina and back.  Then mom kayaked next to me and dad as we swam across the creek and back, then she accompanied me on another trip across and back (it's 1/3 of a mile across).  The water temperature was amazing (like 81-82), there were no stinger nettles, and the wind wasn't making it crazy choppy and wavy. 

We went on a boat ride, touring the available real estate of the Northern Neck :-)
 And after the ride I laid under the tree and snapped some shots looking up.
It was such a beautiful weekend.  I caught up on sleep, and got to ride and swim whenever I wanted, and Mom cooked for me, and was just a great lounge weekend between trips.

And Becky gets home tomorrow!  She bounces around some US airports for a bit, then finally gets into BWI around 11pm, so I won't see her until Wednesday.  Then I leave Thursday, haha- poor timing.  But at least when I get back we'll be on the same continent for awhile together!!  Welcome home Beck!!

So on that note- I will be on a hiatus for a bit while I'm in Germany/Prague/Switzerland/Austria (jealousssss).  But I promise to have some awesome pictures when I get back :-)

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