Oh Chicago, you got me again

Chicago, the new age, but what would Frank Lloyd Wright say?  Oh Columbia!
Sufjan Stevens?  Anyways.  I went to Chicago for the long weekend!  I can't keep up with Chicago.  Or maybe it's just that I'm used to waking up early and going to bed early- and Tracy doesn't play that game.  Either way, I am now sick, and Chicago is up 3-0.

What started off as a planned chill weekend, quickly became not that.  I arrived on Friday night, dropped off my bag to Tracy's place in the South Loop (ghetto adjacent) and headed straight to a Girl Talk concert with Tracy, her bro Danny, and his gf Allison.  And Nick managed to grab a ticket when we got there, so he came along too!  Here we are pre-dance party!  (Minus Nick, who was braving the bar lines)
We knew it was going to get sweaty, so I got these pictures before we were super gross.  So bring on the balloons!
And the beer!  I do not need alcohol to dance a lot, but the others partook :-)
The balloons dropped when Girl Talk started.  In case you don't know, GT is a DJ who mixes (mostly pop) songs.  I generally wish I was listening to the song itself, not the mix.  But while I don't want to sit around and listen to remixes- that is exactly what I want to dance to!  Bring on the balloons!
There were hoses sprayed into the crowd onto us.  We left soaking wet.  Covered in sweat, dripping wet from the hose, spilled beers and other drinks, and probably covered in other people's sweat.  Is it any wonder I got sick?  Allison did too.  We're not entirely sure what was in those hoses...  Nick ran 3 blocks down from the theater, and elbowed his way into a cab, then swung by and got the rest of us.  Otherwise, we might have been there for hours.  Chillin on Tracy and Nick's balcony afterwards cooled us all off, and let (them) sober up a little before bed.  So after a huge dance party and super long day (I was almost up for 24 hours), my first night in Chicago had come to a close!

The next day was a bit more chill.  We grabbed some lunch, and hung out at the apartment.  I snuck out to go for a run along Lake Michigan though!  I ran past Soldier Field...
And saw the Lake,
And the aquarium, as the skyline came into view!
What up Chicago?!
There were some horse head statue things?
I didn't remember seeing them before.  So I took a picture.

Then we got ready for fancy dinner at The Firehouse!  I was wined and dined!
My dress had pockets.  I love when dresses have pockets.  That is all.

I got a drink that had gin, cointreau, sparkling wine, and lime juice.  And a cherry at the bottom!
As someone who rarely drinks, I surprisingly really like gin.  Check out my new fun app with light effects:
Oh goodness I'm such a hipster.  Anywho.  Then I already took a bite of my steak before I remembered to take a picture of my meal.  Also not pictured was the grilled asparagus, lol, that was devoured immediately.
Ugh, sorry, that's a picture of a half eaten plate of food.  But it was the most amazing steak, and whipped potatoes, and asparagus, and brownie with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream:
I devoured that dessert too.  I needed the walk home, it loosened things up a little, didn't make me feel so full.  That night, we hung out with Mike (other roommate), Mike's gf Ann, and Mike's mom, who was in town from New Mexico and just had the tv on while we chatted a bit.

The next day was Mom BBQ!
Oh, before the bbq- on the way home from brunch, there was this adorable little rowhouse!
I want a giraffe in my front yard.  Is that so much to ask?  Hmm, probs.

Ok- Mom BBQ- Mike's mom was in town, Nick's mom (and sister and dad) came to visit, and Tracy's mom came by as well!  There was lots of grilled stuff, pulled beef, pasta salad, grilled asparagus (we already know this is my fav), and lots of desserts.  I made s'mores cookies.  Which I made a couple times last year, but not once I had started this blog.  Here's the recipe, they're worth it!
While we baked, Empire Records played in the background.  I didn't even have to watch it, and me and Tracy were quoting all the lines.  You probably would have hated it.
Here's the rest of the food!
Omg, look at this trifle Stephanie made!  (Nick's sister)  It was so good.  Mostly I dug out the strawberries and devoured them...sorry guys.
So much food.  We went to Matt's play Savageland afterward, and it was awesome!  Well, I thought it was awesome.  I'm not sure everyone enjoyed it, but whatevs, I liked it, lol.

The next day was family BBQ- even more family, this time all Tracy's family (except me and Allison- we hung out on the quarantine couch- fyi this is where we figured out we must have gotten sick at the concert).  I then had to get to the airport to get back home, where I sat next to a couple (my age) who was watching Good Idea, Bad Idea from the Animaniacs.  OMG you remember those?!  I immediately looked them up on youtube too, haha. 
Then we landed back in Baltimore.  Check out that humidity- fogging up the airplane windows.
Ah, it's good to be home :-)

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