And then Hurricane Sandy had to show up

Dunno if you're heard the news lately, but there was this big storm that did it's best to take out the entire East Coast.  Truth.

To start off, nothing happened to me.  I never lost power, no trees fell on my place or car, and all of my family and friends are fine.  Some friends lost power, but generally everything was fine.  With so much time to prepare, everyone was smart about the storm and followed directions, lol.

So yeah, my storm experience was rather tame.  Swim practice was cancelled that morning, so I was the idiot who went somewhere else to swim.  As I drove through the downpour, I pictured the headlines and tried to not have them become true.  But nothing happened, obvi.  Here are pictures of the morning of- pre landfall.
I got home around the same time after work as usual, I once again took pictures while driving home, but as you can see there was no one else around so I didn't feel as bad this time.  Still raining hard, leaves down, wind starting to pick up.
I had dinner, watched a movie with the news on in the background...  Everything was normal, the only change was I turned my couch around so that it wasn't facing a window, opened up the sofa bed, and slept in my living room.  All the news stations said to sleep on a lower level, and with no basement option, this was the best I could do.  As you can see I was flaunting the fact that I still had power, but it was a little weird to be facing the other way.  Yeah...this storm didn't change much in my life...
It all worked out.  The wind got a little scary, well, a lot scary like 9-midnight, but again, all was fine.  Lots of wind and rain don't make for great pictures, but I think that's ok, you can feel like you were in my apartment with me, haha.
So those were some boring pictures from me hanging out in my apartment.  I lit candles just in case the power went out, but then just enjoyed having only candles lit, lol.
Hope you all fared well in the hurricane, too!

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