Galaxy Nails

I call these galaxy nails.  Liz came over and we painted our nails.  She attempted making her own glitter polish, while I played with her already made polishes.  Remember when I had nail envy while we made hotteok together back in August?  Well, I asked her what she used then, and made my own attempt at galaxy nails!  There's a layer of black with this gold shimmer in it.  Then a layer of what looks like pink glitter, but ends up being shimmery green (magic, I tell you).  Then a glitter star and covered in top coat. 
The night shot didn't have enough light for you to really get the idea of the shimmery glitter galaxy.  So I had to take some shots this morning in the light of day. 

Omg, how sparkly are these.  I distract myself when I see my nails.  Liz is the coolest!  Bah!

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