Germany Trip- Day 5

Day 5 was another day hanging out around Germany and not straying too far from Stuttgart.  Joe and I headed to a pumpkin festival in Ludwigsburg, a city to the north of Stuttgart, and apparently a super nice (and expensive) place to live.

Joe and Jess had been to the festival last year, when the theme was dinosaurs.  This year, the theme was Switzerland.  I'll let that statement sink in.

Also, the german word for pumpkin is kürbis.  You just learned something new!

The festival was held at a palace with massive gardens involved, so the side we entered from was beautiful gardens, with some pumpkins thrown in there for good measure.  But we had yet to experience the true pumpkin amazingness...
 Here's the entrance to the true pumpkin-ness!  The Switzerland flag, made out of pumpkins :-)
 Then cows with pumpkins on them, duh.
 That was the hunting lodge for the palace, over yonder.  Life is hard.
 Are you ready for these pumpkins?  I'm not entirely sure you are...
 Those were all of the pumpkins you could buy.  Now for the real displays!
Another flag, Matterhorn in the background, swiss army knife, and some sort of 3 muskateers hands. 
And a frog-pumpkin-fountain!  Bahhh, I want one in my house.  Also little snake guys.
Lots of little animals made out of pumpkins!
But these were my favorite!  Little mice on some swiss cheese!
Weird pumpkin faces!
Ich bin ein muh.
House, people, and dog covered in pumpkins.  I don't know if you have noticed a theme yet...
Ok, but now for the real amazingness.  Pumpkin soup with a sort of pumpkin ravioli, with pumpkin oil drizzled on top, and pumpkin seeds over it all.  This is what I got, and it was the most amazing thing.  I can't even describe.  It made me want to only eat this for the rest of the trip, which was a little impossible since we couldn't drive to Ludwigsburg for every meal.
Joe just got the pumpkin soup, no ravioli thing.
Mmm, so many layers of pumpkin deliciousness.
If I could have licked the bowl, I would have.  But I think I put up a good showing anyways.
Rows and rows of pumpkins lining the little store, this was only one side of the building.
Matterhorn, this display was huge man!
The dairy farmer emptying his milk into a pail.
Dairy cow with butternut squash udders, hahahahahha.
So many pumpkins.
Rapunzel tower! 
With a William Tell tableau in front of the Rapunzel tower.  With a pumpkin theme, obvi.
A watch, of course.
Tschoos Kürbisausstellung!
More pretty gardens.
Then we explored the rest of the grounds.
This was called the Orangerie, but there were still pumpkins being featured!
And a pig.
Omg, kid and a duck, kid and a duck.  I took so many pictures of her with this duck, till I looked up and saw the mom's friend looking at me weird, so I backed away slowly. 
And just took pictures of the ducks instead of the kid too...
Then we somehow found the aviary, and found a female pheasant.
A male pheasant
A stork and flamingo...walk into a bar.
Just a flamingo.
Then this was the exit from the  aviary.  An underground purple cave.  Everything seems in order here.
Flying man!  Walking back to our car, ready to show Jess some pictures from the ridiculousness :-)
Now to just find a good recipe for pumpkin soup...butternut squash will not do.

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