Germany Trip- Day 6, Austria Visit

On the agenda for today was seeing Neuschwanstein Castle, a couple hours south of Stuttgart, and super close to the Austrian border.  Today was the only rainy day of the trip, which meant our view of the Alps wasn't awesome.  I could see what I equate to the "front range" of Colorado.  Meaning Joe was super annoyed I couldn't see more, since I was getting a bad representation of the Alps, haha.
But then we got to Neuschwanstein Castle, and who cared if it was raining!  Before I figured out the German name for the castle, we called it the Disney Castle, because fun fact- it was used as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle!  There's a bunch of history to this castle, but the biggest thing you need to know is the king who commissioned it was kind of a hermit and decided to have the whole castle honor Wagner, the composer, hoping to have his opera's performed just for him.  But then he "drowned" in a lake while in the company of the doctor who had a couple days before declared him mentally incapable to rule.  Not fishy at all.
The front facade had scaffolding on it, how convenient.  But there were plenty of other beautiful views!  We walked up the windy road (we were told it takes 40 minutes, we did it in 15...we're studs), then hung out waiting for our scheduled tour time.  If it wasn't raining, we probably would have just stayed outside on the grounds, but the rain pushed us in.
View the opposite direction from the castle- beautiful views all around, even with the clouds :-)
Main entrance!
The bridge we would head towards later to get some cool pictures of the castle!  It looks super far away, but it was only like a 10 minute walk, and that was with photo-op stops.
 Beautiful castle.  You walk in the main entrance, go up some stairs and this is what you see.
And then turn around, and this is the backside of the entrance.  Just such a pretty castle, even in dreary weather :-)
And one tree decided it was Autumn.  The rest hadn't gotten the memo yet.
Rainy day in Germany.
Lots of umbrellas
Light stone, colorful umbrellas.
Again with the one tree who got the autumn memo.
Now we were inside and being told we're not allowed to take any pictures.  So this was the last one, I swear.
Ok, now we're out of the castle, and walking towards the bridge I took a picture of earlier, and looking down at the other castle and nearby lakes and mountains.  Despite that whole "drowning" thing, being a King was not a bad life.  Well, I take that back, but you get what I mean.
Now we're at the bridge!  And the view is so awesome!  Yeah yeah, the sky is cloudy and stuff, but don't you want to live in the Disney Castle?
On the way back down the hill...we went off the grid a little.  Adventure and danger through the woods instead of the boring paved road.  Also we picked the wrong fork in the road.  We got back to the car eventually though, obvi.
Back into town and closer to the other castle, and about to turn left into that place and get some lunch.
A lunch that consisted of spaetzle with cheese.  Kind of macaroni and cheese but better.  I never thought I'd say that.  It was the perfect lunch to hold us over for another couple hour drive to Salzburg, Austria.  We were close to Austria, yes, but not Salzburg.
Oh, don't blink, we're now in Austria.
We got checked into our hotel for the night, and realized we were situated in the new part of town, so we headed towards the old part as it was getting dark.  Salzburg is known for 2 main things (well, to me anyway)- the birthplace of Mozart, and the filming location of The Sound of Music.  We fully intended on looking up Sound of Music places and touring them the next day, haha.
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  I didn't know these things at the time, but for the sake of easier explanations, I'll fill you in :-)  This is the garden we wandered through on the way to the old town.  Mirabell gardens.  Sound familiar?  No?  How about now?  These are the gardens from The Sound of Music Do-Re-Mi song!  Bahhh!
I was unknowingly standing on the steps that the children all jumped up and down, and laughing as Joe tried to figure out my camera at night.  I was standing on history(ish) and had no idea!
 The fountain they walked around singing.  Again, just an awesome fountain to me.
The creepy-dark-scary hedgerow that we refused to walk down, but I took a picture of it anyways because it was dark and scary (sorry for the blur, I wouldn't post this usually, but it contributes to the narration).  Turns out it wasn't dark and scary in the movie.
 Beautiful gardens!
 Castle on the hill in the background, fountain, gardens, so beautiful.
This is my favorite.  I love this picture, and I didn't even know the Sound of Music was involved.  This garden was just that cool.
Now we got through the garden and were crossing the bridge into the old town area of Salzburg.  I freakin love taking night pictures, they turn out so cool!  Maybe cause we saw Salzburg at night first is why we loved the city so much.
I want these pants.  They are men's, kind of MC Hammer style, and 320 euro.  But they were tweed and fabulous.  Like, I wanted to hate them, but I just loved them too much.  I might go back and buy them ;-)
Rolls.  Classin it up.
Tunnel through the hill, no big deal.  Oh wait, yeah, that's awesome.
I don't know what this is, but it was on our way to wandering towards food.  Or a beer.  Whichever came first.
Adorable streets while we explored a new city!
Kind of a carnival in a square I also don't know the name of.  Again, night makes this look way cooler than it was when we saw it the next day.
Store window devoted to Mozart and the candies they sell to us tourists.  Yeah, I bought some.
Also they already have Christmas displays up.
We found beer first.  This was the best beer I've ever had.  I finally understood the draw, and actually wanted a beer at the end of the day.  I totally became a beer snob while on this trip, where I now want to tell people that I like beer, but only German beer.  So I think I'll just stick with my statement from before this trip, "I really don't like beer, much".  Less annoying really.
Then since we had already found the beer, and had had such a late lunch of perfect spaetzle&cheese, my dinner consisted of an apple strudel.  With ice cream and whipped cream.  I think it was the best choice I could have possibly made.  It was such a great day!
Oh, and then we went up to our room, and I started looking up the locations of the Sound of Music stuff.  I youtubed the Do Re Mi song to refresh my memory, and proceeded to freak out that we had already visited the gardens.  I told Joe we had to go back, and he looked at me like I was crazy.

"But we were just there, and you already took a bunch of pictures."
"Yeah, but I didn't KNOW I was there.  I need pictures where I KNOW!"

He was such a good sport my whole trip, hahaha.  So our actual Sound of Music tour will be featured in the next blog post, since I have documented everything that happened on Day 6.  What an awesome day!

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