Oh the weather outside is weather!

I haven't had shoulder problems from swimming since high school.  I'm doing ok there (knock on wood).  But problems while running?  Yep.  Knee problems for years from IT Band issues.  Then I finally got that taken care of, and now I have something going on with my foot.  Frustrating really.

Does that stop me?  Pretty often, yes, hahaha.  But sometimes running just sounds good.  Or the weather is just too perfect.  Or I don't have much time to work out and running is so efficient as a workout (my most recent excuse to run).  And I wonder why I never get better.

This past run epitomizes the shift from summer to fall.  Well, scenery-wise.
Still kinda green, leaves starting to be everywhere.  And nice and wet from all the rain, haha.
This is the river I run along.
I really hope it snows a lot this winter, but it is nice to run outside when it's not freezing :-)

Also, Lance Armstrong was here yesterday.  In Maryland, for the Columbia Half-Full Tri.  He kicked butt, and they lifted the sanction just so he could play.  I thought that was awesome, despite what other people might think.

But since I had already seen him compete in Hawaii, I decided I would not stand in the cold cold rain to catch a glimpse of him.  So here are pictures a coworker shared with me since the course goes right past her street!  So cool.
Thanks for coming to Columbia, Lance!  He's a beast.

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