Tiramisu, Nephews, and Leaves

I was in such a hurry to document my Germany trip ASAP- edit the photos, and write everything exactly right, that I was exhausted last week.  Blogging late into the night, life is hard.  Well, it didn't help that on top of my MWF 5am wake ups for swim practice, I had 7am meetings TuTh an hour away, so more 5am wake ups.  Honestly, with DC traffic, I was happy to have earlier meetings than later, but my body is not used to that early 5 days a week.  But, I was too excited about my trip to put off blogging about it!  So I was just sleep deprived.

Hope you all enjoyed the posts though!  While I was documenting Germany, I was doing other things too.
Like, I came home and cleaned out the fridge.  Ok, this sounds like the start of the most boring story ever, but hang with me here.  So I was tossing some leftovers, when I saw the 2 tubs of marscapone cheese sitting there.  I had bought them with intentions to make tiramisu, and I checked the date on them.  Their "best by" date was fast approaching, so I was going to make tiramisu!  It's kind of my favorite dessert to order, since it was one of those desserts I'd never attempted to make.  And I had never managed to find pre-made ladyfingers, so I never bothered.  Well, I had found them and put them in my freezer for when I made the tiramisu.  So I pulled them out, and assembled the rest of my ingredients!
Here's the recipe I used, it was super simple to follow and I'll definitely be making this again.
Egg whites being beaten.
Yolks hangin out on the side.
Then I didn't whip the yolks and sugar like I was supposed to- next time I will, but this was amazing anyways, so don't worry if you're lazy like me and didn't want to clean your kitchenaid mixer bowl between the yolks and egg whites...
 Egg whites lookin perfect!
PS- this is what was happening on my counter at the time- Pumpkin Prosecco for the family to try, gummi bears and Mozart candy to bring into the office, pumpkin seeds for my dad, some sweet liquors for my mom to try, and then some hotteok mix Becky brought back from Korea for me.  Cultures colliding on my counter.  And I didn't move these out of the way...I don't really know why though.
Ok, then you add the marscapone to the yolk/sugar mixture., and get it nice and creamy.
Fold in the egg whites.
Then dip the ladyfingers in the coffee/coffee liquor mixture and layer them along the bottom of the pan.  Put half the mixture on top, then another layer of both the ladyfingers and the cheese mixture again.
 Layers.  Ogres have layers.
 Then whip some cream to make, you guessed it, whipped cream, and spread that on top of it all!
 A little cocoa powder on top of that...
 And then some shaved chocolate on top of that.
I'm not gonna lie, I was super proud of myself.  We had a family dinner the next night and dug right in!  I caught the fam up on my trip, and got to hear all about Becky's first week-ish back in the US.  Also we got to try the pumpkin prosecco, and I got to give Becky her pumpkin liquor.  Clearly I bought these things at the pumpkin festival.
Talk about orange.

Also, I was proud because Becky said she doesn't usually like tiramisu, as she reached for another piece.  She took a little tiny piece at first, I think to be polite since I had made this dessert, but then got a real piece after she found out she liked it.  Success!
Yep, success.

Cole and Patti came into town for the weekend, and I got to catch up with my sisters all together, which hasn't happened in forever!  And I got to see my nephew.  He's babbling a bunch
And always on the phone.  He even managed to call my dad's cell phone once.  Clearly there's some sort of preset numbers programmed, but I didn't know that.  So then we were more careful about taking the batteries out of that handset so he didn't call other people.  Maybe he did though, he was talkin away!
Also he played fusbol :-)  Ish.

Patti showed us his halloween costume too, but I'm not allowed to share those pictures yet- it's a surprise!  We weren't going to see him otherwise though, so I'm glad she gave us a sneak preview :-)

Then we painted some things for Patti's "gallery" at her apartment.  I just kind of went crazy with the watercolors she gave us.  It was my first attempt at watercoloring and I'm kind of amazed that it wasn't terrible.
I should play around with watercolors a little more, paint some things for my own walls.

It was a good time all around with the family!  Thanks for coming to visit Patti, and thanks for being in town now Beck!  And thanks to Mom and Dad for feeding me all weekend since I just hung out at their place the whole time.  Woot!

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