UMD Club Swim Meet

Didn't take pictures of this meet either, ah well.  Enjoy a beautiful picture of the UMD pool!  Ahh, don't you love this pool?  I miss swimming here regularly.  For reals.
The alumni were invited back to swim for this fall meet this year.  The usual meet we all attend is in April, so this one caught most everyone by surprise.  Since I still swim regularly, and don't live far from College Park, it wasn't a big deal for me to go.  But the alumni were very sparse this time around...  Hopefully the April meet will have a better showing!  I even had one of my friends from my master's team come swim for us, and he didn't even go to UMD, lol.  Uh oh, the cat's outta the bag... 

I swam the 100 fly, 500 free, and 50 fly, in that order.  It ended up being a kind of hard-to-easy order, but my arms were def dead by the 50 fly.  I was really pleased with my times though!  I went faster in my 100 fly this meet vs two weeks ago, I went a 1:03.2, woot!  The 500 I was really happy about, I went a 5:41.  And the 50 fly I went a 29.3, which is slower than my last meet, but I don't mind since I'm not a sprinter.  Also I tried to start my stroke way too early, it was almost comical- I was definitely not near the surface yet, haha.  It happens.  Live and learn.

So hope your (early)Halloween stuff was fun!  We got a piece of candy if we won a heat, so I managed to get some candy out of this mess.  Always a success :-)

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