USMS Swim Meet

I took no pictures so here is a stock picture of the Howard County Y.
Wooooo, don't you feel like you were there?  It was a pretty well attended meet, despite football on a Sunday and a small pool at the Y- it's 6 lanes and they left one lane open for warm-up/warm-down.

There weren't any distance events, so I decided it would be a fly meet.  I seriously considered doing the 200 fly, you have no idea how seriously I considered it.  Then I was really happy I didn't swim it because no one else had signed up for it and I would have felt so ridiculous swimming it by myself.  But then I could have won it/ swam as slow as I wanted.  That's not how I wanted to do a 200 fly though, so I'm back to being glad I didn't sign up for it.

But I did swim the 50 and 100 fly, and the 200 free.  The 200 free because it was the longest distance offered.  But it's way too much of a sprint for me, haha.  So I went a 28.9 in the 50 fly, a 1:04 something in the 100 fly (it was the last event and I never saw the official results, just what the timer told me as I got out of the pool) and a 2:10.9 in the 200 free.  Not too shabby, I think!  I guessed times way slower than what I ended up going, but now I have some sort of base for future meets :-)  Oh, and I was in the guy heat for the 200 free.  Luckily the one next to me ended up going a 2:07ish so I just kept chasing him.  I do better chasing in the heat, I like it more than being the one in the lead.  And technically I won all my events, but I don't like saying that when there were only like 2 other girls in my age group.  When I see official results, I'll know how I compared with everyone, not just the other girl flyer.  I'll let you know :-)

So that was my Sunday afternoon!  How was yours?

**Update- 100 Fly was 1:04.35, sweet!
I think I was 3rd overall in both the 50 fly and 200 free, and 1st in the 100 fly.  Good meet!

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